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"Night Drive EP Review"

Dear readers,

Recently, I have come across an album that I found to be so exquisitely extraordinary, that I just had to share my thoughts to rest of the world! The album name is “Night Drive”, written and recorded by an up and coming artist from New Jersey, known as Product Steam.

As I was listening to the album, one word kept repeating in my head: Sensational. Although the tracks are few, they are simply amazing. The music is basically instrumental. No vocals or lyrics are present, with the exception of spoken words in Track 6 (“Past Summer Daze”), which I believe is actually a prelude to Track 7 (“Dawn of the Darkest Night”). The music is not what I would describe as typical, but rather unique and original. It is not just a combination of notes that may sound appealing to thehuman ear, but an integration of sounds that have been produced by the artist to express his feelings and experiences.

Personally, I have always been picky about I will listen to, and I was instantly drawn into the music. It is so rare to find songs that can touch your inner being and make feel some kind of deep emotion, whether it be happiness or sadness. The most important thing is that it makes you FEEL and THINK. That is how you know an artist is successful, when he/she can pull you away from your current location and take you to a whole new realm, in which you perceive the world around you differently. The songs on the Product Steam album have the power to do that, and it is remarkable! That is why I listened to the album and was absolutely compelled to share my thoughts with all of you.

I hope that this artist will find the recognition that is well earned and deserved, for he has an undeniable gift, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. I am sure you will concur once you listen to the album. I know it is different than what we hear nowadays on the radio, but isn’t that the beauty of art? To produce something new and diverse to the point of breaking all conventional molds!

Happy listening, fellow music lovers! - Daniela O'Brien


Night Drive EP



Product Steam takes influences from every genre and writes something totally different. More like, writing from the heart than from influences. The music is like no other. Like listening to a soundtrack for an unmade movie. Product Steam tries not to recycle old ideas. Writing everything from scratch, sometimes writing and recording a whole song in one night, is the norm. Product Steam is a multi-instrumentalist, and plays all instruments and records everything himself. Though, when playing live, Product Steam travels with another musician, and a whole new experience can be seen and heard.