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R.O.T.C. Mixtape November 2006
Duct Tape Music April 2007
United Nations June 2008



"profess" (verb)
Definition:to declare something openly: to make a statement acknowledging something openly or publicly

Profess is 26 years old and has been writing, recording, and performing music for thirteen years now. As well as being a songwriter and an m.c., he is a self taught musician (guitar, bass, and keys). Profess grew up right outside the city of Philadelphia in a town called North Hills. Music started out for him as a rebellion against what society wanted him to be and that would lead him through a journey over a decade long to a place which finally enabled him to be the man he is today...all through music! Profess was always fascinated by punk rock and hip hop and felt like they were distant cousins because of the message behind the music. It was a simple "I wont stand for this anymore" that attracted Profess to both forms of music. Hip hop just hit him right in the heart though... and punk rock was moreso just an adolescent phase of rebellion and being different...tryin to break out of a shell. Throughout his gradeschool years, Profess was always a good writer and as a small child loved to jump around and "perform" for his family during get togethers. These two things (the writing and "performing") later on maifested themselves as the exact path which led Profess to become an m.c. Why? Well.... an m.c. is not only a writer and a thinker but also someone who has the skill of moving crowds and commanding attention when onstage gripping that mic doing his thing. So I guess it's safe to say that he is a "natural born m.c.".
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"For me, music is medicine for pain and an escape from all the drama; a way to express any given emotion I am feeling at any given time in a positive outlet. I love it to death! It is my saviour and my cure for sickness. I cant imagine myself without the mic and the Rakim said "I'm a microphone fiend"...straight up. I was on a dark path at one point due to personal issues and struggles. But, once I had that "downtime" it made me realize one thing...that I was allowing my talents and abilites to go to waste. Hip hop gave me a breath of fresh air when I was spiritually suffocating for way too long. Now, I am hungry as hell and comfortable hopping on any kind of track you throw at me. I do what I do out of a need for self preservation and longevity not just for the limelight and the quick buck. Money is great...we all need that to survive...and I am about my business all the way...just not willing to sell my soul to get that money. Make the money don't let it make you ya dig? That is what separates me from other artists. The problem with alot of artists is that they are scared to leave their comfort zone which then leads to them getting stuck in a box they can't get out of. Me, I dont have a comfort zone. I convey my thoughts and feelings as I feel them not because it's "what's hot right now". However, I can craft those thoughts and feelings into "what's hot right now". Dont get it twist! Versatility is definitely a strength of mine as an m.c. as well as keeping an open mind. My influence for writing songs is life period. I love life...even in it's down times we just got to realize that it's all to teach us to get to those better days. I have energy and presence both onstage and on record and give 100 percent to every track I do. I am Profess and I am an m.c. This is me and this is what I do."(end quote)