North Syracuse, New York, USA

Driving guitars and furious tempos help push Professional Victims message. Piano and synth create variety and prevent the band from being pigeon-holes into ONE genre. Critics have compared them to TV on the Radio, Arcade Fire, and Dinosaur Jr. Bold lyrics are accompanied by bold vocals: Sullivan and Cox share the duty. A male-and-female led punk band is rare, even in today's music scene!


Syracuse’s very own Professional Victims
have all the makings of a bona fide late-
20th century punk rock band—in the 21st
century. Band mates Shawn Sullivan on guitar + Vox, Ashley Cox on Vox and Keys, Gregg Marsh on Bass and Jesse Morison on drums...they have the basics down!
Their anti-establishment attitudes; punchy, guitar-driven
songs under three minutes; and the hope of
raising their own army of like-minded rebels.

Professional Victims have hit the road headlining shows at The Bitter End in NYC, gaining radio play and recognition from Boston to Philly...this band is on the rise!

A live show leaves little breathing room or time to think as they drive through a set without mindless banter between songs. They play like they're in an arena no matter how big or small the venue.

"We keep pushing ourselves to write new songs, find new sounds and keep it fresh. That's what drives us and sets us apart, we want to really make something not reproduce it."


2009 debut release "Penalties & Punishment"
2012 "Motivational Speakers"

Set List

Possible 3 Sets of Music!!!!

one nation under fraud
scratches & dents
penalties & punishment
no cheat
death to the system
bury the past
wrong all the right
all time heavyweight
love suicide
spider in the birdhouse
people who died
red velvet rope
the crowd around you
tragic undetermined death
beautiful day
give anything
this is our time
no pain like you
mirror highway
tiny harmless storm
worth the time
sinking ceiling
love suicide
magic & miracles

Don't Come Around Here No More-T. Petty
time to pretend-MGMT
when you were mine-C. Lauper
bargain-The Who
maybe i'm amazed-McCartney
instant karma-Lennon
burning down the house-Talking Heads
message in a bottle-The Police
in the name of love-U2
let's go-The Cars
you got lucky-T.Petty
People Who Died-Jim Carrol