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"Local Boulder Emcee: Professor Meat"

Professor Meat started rhyming by text messaging his brother rhyming couplets, like:

When I'm in the club I be flirtin with dancers and I eat more pussy than some cervical cancer

The first rhyme he ever spit live was:

Kids ain't shit but they still pretend though, they 8-bit like old school Nintendo.

Professor Meat began his career in 2003 in Champaign, Illinois. It's a funny story: he moved to Champaign, not knowing anyone there, so he took to the streets to meet people. He heard some cats talking about hip-hop, and he had been freestyling himself, so at a cafe near the campus of Champaign Urbana at the University of Illinois, he met a rapper by the name of Al Iteration who invited Professor to a cipher that night. They were all warming up, getting ready to spit, and they put him on the spot with the words any novice emcee fears the most, "Go first.". Four cats stood in a circle spitting to industry instrumentals (like mixtapes), and Meat killed the cipher. After that summer, he moved back to Jersey and started a 9-5er at Best Buy, but his mind was never on the job, he was stuck in freestyle mode. Some Best Buy lines:

Most Eager Artist Today, hardest to slay, emcees like Newports I smoke a carton a day

My Pilots stay bombin' like shock and awe, I rock it raw, fuck with me and catch tetanus, I lock your jaw

At this point, his little brother Dank was rhyming with some Eastside Bloods, and Meat got down on ciphers constantly to develop his skills further. During that period, he had his first secret freestyle session with GDP out in the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot in West Orange, NJ. They drove around in his dad's truck spittin rhymes and elevating. This went through the winter of '05, and in February '06 he moved to Portland, Oregon to start his creative writing career, where he wrote a novella. He hit the ground running with hip-hop there, his first day there he overheard kids freestyling and he just jumped in and traded verses. They were graf writers, as is Meat, so they went bombing, still spittin, and he caught the bug. He got hooked up with Randolf McTools from Hip Hop Anonymous, just a loose affiliation of emcees, producers, djs, just to hook everyone up with rhymes and beats. McTools introduced Meat to Cheef at BS Productions, where Meat laced his first tracks. Meat met this homeless dude named Brooklyn, who supported himself by burning cds and selling them on the street. They went around together spittin and trying to sell Brook's CDs, and Meat got his first experience in the mixtape grind. He recorded an untitled, unreleased demo with Cheef, which never saw the light of day, but he kept the beats, some of which are now on his EP "Write Truth on the Walls". Flash forward to October '06, Meat moved back to Jersey and that's when he really decided to start running with it. He had been seeing what GDP and his middle school friend C-Minus had been up to on a Jersey label called Division East. Around the beginning of December he was working in a secure file room on Wall Street, for a firm called Bowne, he was the only one in there, and filing is bullshit, so he spent most of the day writing rhymes (and catching tags during lunchbreaks). He had money to afford studio time, for a flat fee of $1,000 he got studio time and all the beats he needed from Cheef, J-Stamps, 100dbs, and C-Minus.

He recorded 9-10 rough cuts, did some edits, went back in the studio in January '07 and recorded his full-length EP "Write Truth on the Walls" in a few hours. He wanted to rock shows, GDP put him on a few Division East shows, he rocked with No Goods Crew, Tame One, Shape, GDP, Split Personality, Bully Mouth; and most of the North Jersey underground scene. He rocked open mics in New Brunswick (by Rutgers University, where this humble writer went to school) and was addicted to the shit. He tried to sell CDs at these shows, and it wasn't going well ("I think I sold one copy total, to a drunk girl"). He had a really shitty day in the file room one day and simultaneously applied to Wizard Magazine and Naropa University. He got the job at Wizard quickly, and brought C-Minus with him to work in the warehouse, during which he laced Viddy Dat, Blue Lye, Hip Hop Anonymous; basically a lot of tracks which are coming on the new full length (Working Title: The Bizarre Adventures of Professor Meat, slated for release by Spring '08)

This brings us up to speed, Meat quit Wizard and moved to Boulder to earn his MFA in Writing & Poetics at Naropa. He found himself in the same situation as he was in Champaign, but this time he had a few copies of his EP with him, so he hit the streets to see if he could sell his burns. So he sold everything he had on him the first day, then burned some more the next day, and before he knew it he was selling 15 copies a day making around $75 a day on weekends, and during the week it varied. One night he was out rhyming and there were two other ca -


- Write Truth on the Walls EP - Released January 2007

- Series of live radio appearances & airplay on the Eclipse show on KGNU in Boulder, Colorado beginning in late September 2007.

- Over 5,000 streaming plays on MySpace since October 2007.



"Language is the human technology for weaving a comprehensible symbolic tapestry of reality. In weaving the tapestry with words, the Emcee comes to decode the mysteries behind its knots, where wordstrands connect in secret. the back of the language tapestry, where all concepts converge, is the map to the mysterious horizon at the epicenter of the self.” - Professor Meat

To Professor Meat, the Emcee hails from the spiritual and intellectual lineage that has inspired shamans, griots, lore-weavers, prophets, sages, and bards since the pre-dawn of humanity’s memory. Born in 1981 in West Orange, New Jersey, Professor Meat discovered his passion for hip hop in childhood weekend visits to Manhattan, where the golden-age of the culture was in full bloom. While he was fascinated by the graf writers and b-boys, Professor Meat, as a talented young writer himself, was particularly entranced by the words of the emcees.

As he grew, Professor Meat developed his gift for—and love of—words, while exploring himself artistically and philosophically. While earning His bachelors degree in anthropology & history, Meat began sharing his words with the world in a number of short stories and poems, published under his pseudonym (Mitch Maraude). After graduating Montclair State University in 2005, the Prof moved to Champaign, Illinois, where he devoted himself to his passion for freestyling, combining his poetic lyrical understanding and comprehensive lexicon with his creative imagination.

In 2006, after moving to Portland, Oregon, and completing his first novella, Professor Meat recorded his premier demo—a profoundly clever collection of freestyles and skillfully crafted writtens—with Cheef at BSPro Studios.

Returning to New Jersey, near the end of 2006, the Professor soon became affiliated with Division East Records and performed as an opener for some of the Garden State’s most highly regarded underground talent, including GDP, No Goodz Crew, Shape, and Tame-One (of the Artifacts). In January 2007, after 2 months spent meticulously crafting lyrics in isolation, to beats by C-Minus, J Stamps, Cheef at BSPro, and 100DBs, Meat recorded his 9-track premier EP, Write Truth On The Walls, with Division East executive producer C-Minus at Coalmine Studios in one 8-hour burst.

After recording the EP, The Professor worked through the spring with new producers and hosted
and promoted hip hop events at New York's East Village hot-spot China One for Theory NYC before Relocating once more to Boulder, Colorado, in August 2007.

Professor Meat is currently at work on his eagerly-awaited debut LP while pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts in Writing & Poetics at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University.

Since relocating to Colorado, the Professor has appeared semi-regularly on the Eclipse radio show on KGNU, and has performed regularly, notably as a headliner at Denver's Roxy Theater and at a benefit show for Denver's independent arts newspaper, The Denver Voice.

"In the beginning was the word, and the word is with the Emcee."