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Professor Possessor

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Pop Psychedelic




"Video: Professor Possessor, "Another Kind""

Here’s your weird for the afternoon hour, kids. When we premiered “Another Kind” by L.A. quartet Professor Possessor back in October, we thought they were strange — but we liked it. And we still do even when we watch this eerily demented clip of some contest going on. Professor Possessor does experimental disco (ever heard of that?), so it’s not a surprise their Cousin Video-directed music video is beyond wacky. Their appropriately-titled album “Strange Paradise” is out now. - Buzzbands LA

"Professor Possessor, "Cold Steps""

This band is the s—. Seriously. Little is known about the androgynous, self-described ‘Garage Wave/ Luxury/ New Romantic’ quartet Professor Possessor at this point. Their bio simply states, “Professor Possessor is Hayden Hall, Jacob Summers, Jess Imme, and Scarlet A. Newman-Thomas. We reside in Los Angeles.” And when we reached out for comment, Jess Imme replied coyly, “Selenas,” which is apparently an inside joke the group shares.

Well, whatever the joke, we want in. Professor Possessor plays a sweet kind of synthy ’80s kitsch-pop that would land midway between Duran Duran and Washed Out on a line chart. Madonna and Kenny G factor into that equation, too.

If this track is any indication of the band’s debut, ‘Strange Paradise,’ as a whole, we can’t wait to see if the songwriting prowess and production quality hold up throughout. ‘Cold Steps’ precariously toes the line separating parody and tribute, as male and female vocals trade off over a buzzing bass line, streaking lead and the mega-appropriate hook, “Cold footsteps walk the fire in the jungle desire (mmmm).” In what presumably was a strategic move, the band never actually crosses that line, and it affords them an extremely slick-sounding, clever debut. -

"Videodrome 66 - This Week's Best Videos"

"Simply magic. Give it up for day-glo synths!" - Videodrome

"Professor Possessor - "Cold Steps" (Official Video)"

Vaguely inspired by the imperiled heroines of 80's and 90's horror films, here's the video for "Cold Steps" from self-proclaimed LA witch-pop quartet, Professor Possessor. - Noisey

"AQ Exclusive: Professor Possessor's New Video ‘Another Kind’ Gets Creepy..."

On this fine day in the calm before the storms of SXSW, we’d like to introduce you to a band called Professor Possessor - a sincerely weird garage wave/witchpop band from L.A. – with an exclusive premiere of their new video.

Professor Possessor’s sound is dark and weird, yet infectiously catchy, and shares a sonic palette that bands like Cut Copy, Grimes, and Twin Sister inhabit. They released a self-titled EP in 2011 and a full length album called Strange Paradise in Sept 2012, with songs reflecting a love for everything from David Lynch and Dario Argento to John Waters and Linea Quigley.

The band has made some high production/diy music videos that highlight their throwback/campy aesthetic; check out Baby It’s Magic for an example. Their latest, Another Kind, is a trip down a nightmare fetish encounter in the burn ward. Watch it below, exclusively on Antiquiet.

Professor Possessor is Hayden Hall, Jacob Summers, Jess Imme, and Scarlet A. Newman-Thomas. They reside in Los Angeles. They’re weird as fuck, and we like ‘em that way. - Antiquiet

"Professor Possessor "Buffalo""

After releasing their slept on debut album last year, Professor Possessor are returning with their Mystics and Passions EP. The EP’s lead single is “Buffalo,” a danceable, lush pop song reminiscent of 90s hit makers like Sophie B. Hawkins or Poe. - Surviving The Golden Age

"Professor Possessor - Buffalo"

Things are about to get weird at this month’s Blind Date! I am pretty damn stoked to see Los Angeles’s underrated slant-dance-rockers Professor Possessor grind out some of their funky jams. “Buffalo” is hot off the presses and a perfect intro to their sound. See you on Thursday! - The Burning Ear

"Ears Wide Open: Professor Possessor"

Professor Possessor are wacky. They’re dark. They’re punk, and they boast former member of the brainy pop ensemble Big Moves — Jesse Imme — along with Scarlet A. Newman-Thomas, Jacob Summers and Hayden Hall. Forming in late 2011, Professor Possessor has explored the experimental realm with their own brew of garage-wave, witch-pop, dark wave and DIY electronica, and they seem eager to pour out as many of these quirky ‘80s throwbacks as they can. After releasing their self-titled EP back in December, the L.A. quartet has already released a full-length, appropriately titled “Strange Paradise,” a record that casts a spell influenced heavily by 1980s horror movies and dance music. Unorthodox choruses are massaged by erratic beats, spiraling synths and slinky bass lines in songs like “Another Kind” and “Northern Light.” On the surface, Professor Possessor may seem like oddballs, but their arrangements are intellectually anthemic as anything from Cut Copy or Glass Candy, if not more. - Buzzbands LA

"My Musical Crush"

Professor Possessor is a new music project from Los Angeles, and by new I mean NEW, they just came out of their secret laboratory beneath the streets of Beverly Hills this past Tuesday (August 23rd). I came across them casually and I immediately fell in love! They draw their inspiration from 80's horror kitsch. I think Laurie Anderson would be proud. I can't wait to see them perform live. From what I hear there will be dancing ghouls and fake blood. My favorite song to end a perfect summer: "Northern Light" - Mademoiselle Robot

"Video Free Silver Lake: Professor Possessor..."

RFSL is excited beyond measure to introduce (premiere!) the brand new video for "Baby, It's Magic" from Professor Possessor. As you'll see, it begins this weeks theme of nostalgic tv themed music video, namely in that prominently features several faux ads for some wonderful cleaning products. The band does a wonderful job getting into character with period costumes and applies great attention to detail in capturing the ethos of 1960s-1980's advertisement. With a bit of gore thrown in to ensure that your attention is maintained. - Radio Free Silverlake

"Professor Possessor"

"This band is really catchy and dreamy. Their 80's feel is a beautiful tribute and they’re ready to explode." - Big Stereo


Still working on that hot first release.



Professor Possessor is a garage-wave, lo-fi pop collaboration between 4 members living in Los Angeles. Comparisons are sometimes made to such relevant artists like Blood Orange and Little Dragon, but their intricately woven synth-based productions coupled with colorful layers of Jess Imme's and Hayden Hall's androgynous vocal styles, are wholly their own.

"Their new single “Passionâ€? sets big hooks adrift in a cloud bank of ethereal synth pads that conjure up a potent New Romantic swoon." - Entertainment Weekly, February 17, 2015

KCRW has been an avid supporter of Professor Possessor since their debut single, Northern Light, released in early 2012. Since then, the band has performed and toured in support of a full length record, Strange Paradise, released in 2013 and their most recent EP, Mystics & Passion released in late 2014. 

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