Professor YiPPiT

Professor YiPPiT

 Franklin, Indiana, USA

You want wholesome values in your kids music?...check! You want catchy hooks?...check! You want all that in a fun professional package?...check! Fun, Uplifting, Positive well constructed songs for kids but with EVERYONE in mind!


PROFESSOR YIPPIT (Matt Burmeister) - Matt Burmeister was born in Danville, Illinois where he first fell in love with music. At about the age of 13, he started taking guitar lessons and a couple years later formed his first band. The band played the local bars and parties, and eventually produced their very first album. But it wasnt until he enrolled in a recording course through a junior college with Pogo Studio owner Mark Rubel that his musical passion became more apparent. Marks devotion and love for music fueled Matts inspiration. I love the whole process of composing musicstarting with nothing, creating music and writing lyrics from scratch, then months later you bring it to life in the studio. Having the finished product in your hand then witnessing it touch someone in a different wayits almost magical! Matt attended G.I.T. at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California in 1994 to further his education and love for music. Shortly after graduating from MI, he moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where he formed Burmusic Productions. Since its official birth in 1999, Burmusic Productions has been creating original music for many different facets such as independent films, nationwide television commercials, childrens shows, sonic landscaping for theme park/family attractions as well as released six of his own acclaimed CDs and DVDs which sell internationally. Many of the projects have received wonderful accolades. When it was first released, the Barefoot Buddies CD hit the ..1 spot for the most frequently downloaded childrens album on the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) website. The single Bugface from The Jungles Playful Symphony CD was voted Best of the Best by CDBaby. Burmusic Productions first DVD The Outdoorsmans Guide to Snake Safety, which was filmed, edited, and scored by Matt, was aired on television as a feature on the PBS affiliate South Carolina Educational Television. The Mystical Introspection CDs peaceful instrumental melodies are used in yoga studios and classes as well as by many massage therapists for relaxation. Matt has also written and produced music for the Gene Ho Photography commercial which aired on the WB network and performed educational shows for the Bass Pro Shop due to the success of the Snake Safety video. Burmusic Productions current project, Professor Yippit & Friends, is a live show designed for children and families. Professor Yippit is a fun and crazy mad scientist who educates children of all ages about life, love, and the respect for our Earth through uplifting positive original music and crazy antics.

His animated video for the song "I LIKE HALLOWEEN" aired over 150 times in a two week stretch on PBS stations WFYI 20 and WFWA 39.


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