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"Prof & Rahzwell definitely deliver what the midwest hip-hop scene has been waiting for."--Jessica Ibarra-Radio MCAD, Minneapolis,MN


The Alamo Yard Productions artists Prof & Rahzwell make up that south Minneapolis, mid-western,infectious party-rockin' movement. With songs that range from dealing with the death of a father,("Float") and party anthems concerned with drinking till ya drop ("Bubble Up"), these MC's hold down the good times and the bad. Prof started writing rhymes at a young age and was rocking a crowd by high school. Once he met Rahzwell, who added dark break-dancing furious beats and rhymes, they jumped on stage to enter the bubbling early venues such as, Bon Apetit and Loring Pasta Bar. After a debut sampler EP they teamed up with renowned midwest beatmaker/producer Uncle Sam. Sam added fresh new beats and live bass to compliment Prof & Rahzwell's already contagious form of hip-hop. After their debut album "Absolutely", Prof & Rahzwell went on tour establishing an even larger fanbase and top 40 radio play. Whether you like crunk dance music or sounds and hooks that remind you of your momma's home cookin', Prof & Rahzwell will no doubt deliver both, with a live show to match.

Prof & Rahzwell solely produces and writes everything that is put out by the group.

Press Review
A-List Picks
City Pages-Minneapolis,MN
Prof & Rahzwell love beats the way opening locals on this bill love samples (Unknown Prophets) or hooks (Golden)—which is to say, with so much infectious zeal that you might underrate their flows, sped-up as they are to keep on top of that clacking bass drum. Four plays in, I still don't understand the Girl Scout track "Heroes of the North" ("sell them cookies"), but admire its bendable low end, which flashes between Miami bass and cut-time piano ska without losing a stepper. "Stay on Course" riffs on the "Locomotion" melody and soldier drills amid sincere-sounding background shouts, Paul Banyan references, and come-ons such as "Who do you think is your next senator?" slipped into the spiraling, Twista-like spitstorm. The name of the group's album on Alamo Yard Productions is Absolutely!, my answer if anyone asks whether they should cop this. With Unknown Prophets, Golden, and M.anifest. 18+. $8/$10 at the door. 8:00 p.m. —Peter S. Scholtes


Absolutely! - 2006 (LP)
The Sampler Ep - 2005 (EP)
Currently Playing On:89.3 The Current, B96,770 Radio K and Radio MCAD

Set List

1. Beyond Nepal - Intro
2. Shake up
3. Heroes of the North
4. Ride Bikes
5. Great Dane
6. Lose your life
7. And My Momma
8. Float
9. Same Change
10. Let me in
11. comeandgetalittle
12. Stay on course
13. Bubble Up

Set Length: Up to 1 hour and 20 minutes. Usually 45 minutes