Profressor Sleepwalker

Profressor Sleepwalker

BandAlternativeHip Hop

On hiatus from normality, Professor Sleepwalker channels strange principles and theorems from the worldwide collective consciousness. The professor displays his discoveries through alternitave/hip-hop sound styles.


Five years ago, Professor Sleepwalker founded the No School Foundation. Through time an alliance was being formed with the spirits of the galaxy, channeling messages into the central cortex of the Professor's mind. The music of Professor Sleepwalkers is celebration of some of these developments. For the past five years, he has been collecting data from the galactic givers of light and darkness and through this accumulation, finally has achieved a state of mystical visionary. His album "universal equations" is an exhibition of the interplay between beings and the grand mystery!
Recently the Professor and his robotic computor friend "rocket" have been lucidly dreaming and working diligently in the deep realms of the Blue Lab. We at The No School Foundation are very excited to witness their progress in manifesting their Technicolor reality.

Influences: Beck, Anti-con, Paul Barman, Belle and Sebastian, Modest-Mouse,


L.P:Universal Equations


Set List

List of Some Songs:Clones in the Kiddie pool,Chapter 2, On the Swingset,Elevadors to Mars,Sleepwalker in FX,Taking the jellyfish out of my ears 2006 ect

Basic set is about 40mins