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Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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"Definitely Caught My Attention"

I really like the groove you put on Leave That Beach; it gives the listener a dreamy, floating-away feeling. Wishing, Hoping (Cold Chill Mix) shines the brightest of all your samples. The vocal element is hauntingly beautiful, and has an organic feel. Although I'm in an industrial band, I love the sound of an acoustic guitar every once in a while. The organic touch gives it that little extra to push it over the top. I get a very Nine Inch Nails vibe off Yellow Lines Unbroken. I get a funky, tribal feel as well; it is like something Trent Reznor would have done after watching Shaft. The track has a cool blend going on, a real original. Overall, I am very impressed. Although I rarely get into the more experimental electronic music, your work has definitely caught my attention. - Cary Harmon,

"Film Ready"

I've had this cd in my stereo for about a week now... Progenitor has a fantastic sense of what is essential to translate emotion through rythm and mood. He doesn't overplay things... and this can't really be taught. Songs 4 and 6 are faves. Anyone connected in any way with independant film production would be wise to purchase this cd for placement consideration. Because Progenitor is so young, I'll go out on a limb a state for the record that if he stays with it, in 5 or so years he stands a chance of making the next Mezzanine or Play. I can't wait. - Dutch Rall,

"Relaxing Ambient & Trance with a Touch of Indie Hip Hop Sensibility"

The new album by Progenitor will chill you out in a nice heady way. It is very original, and though one can make comparisons, it's not exactly like anything you've ever heard before. Not only is the opening track "Popular Poison" a real stand out, but it sets the mood and expectations for the rest album nicely with its beautifully woven soundscapes. Hess pays tribute to his Brit-Pop influences in a little ditty called "Connection in London." Another highlight is "Yellow Lines Unbroken" which has a playful, almost silly melody, overdubbed with some nice breathing samples. Of all the tracks, the one I like best is "Leave That Beach", which could be best described as a peaceful and soothing ride. Who is this album for? Anyone who's into electronica: The full range of electronic genres are subtly blended through out this work. The overall sound of this album could best be compared to Aphex Twin with an urban twist to it, but fans of Moby and more mainstream techno will also enjoy this. In a genre that is increasingly similar and bland (especially in regards to Euro-Techno) Progenitor's function (I) is a breath of fresh air. The music has a mello, dreamy quality to it that gives it a broad appeal. Excellent work Progenitor! (Review by Reynaldo Alvarado) - Reynaldo Alvarado,

"Review of Saint Elmo's Phire on Graveyard Lullaby"

I have often been flamed for being an unexperimental guy. I've written some reviews of truly awful experimental tracks, and some folks don't like it. Come now. Somebody records their washing machine on spin cycle, submits it as "experimental" and I'm supposed to hail it as the Next Big Thing? I don't think so. I expect experimental music to be both unique and REWARDING. I expect it to challenge me, yes; but I also expect it to deliver something other than artistic narcissism. All that said, I have two words for you: Progenitor delivers. "Saint Elmo's Phire" is a drum-n-bass track to be sure, but it is layered in some of the most outrageous sample work this listener has ever heard. The opening voiceover is hilarious, and quickly turns into a brilliant vox beat that underpins ferocious percussion. And I do mean ferocious, folks. DnB is known for radical drum licks, but this track takes it to a new level. Too often DnB gets sidetracked on how many 64th notes can be squeezed into a half inch, and loses track of the beat and the big picture. Not so with this track; the percussion keeps a rock-solid beat, but provides all the distorted, wacked-out, wicked DnB riffs a hardcore raver could ever want. If all that wasn't enough, the sample work is positively sublime. I already mentioned the vox beat (a stroke of genius), but the entirety of the track uses carefully placed samples to keep the listener intrigued. The overall structure of the song, in fact, is so well done that I have difficulty accepting this is DnB; and of course it is not. This track is experimental, a departure from the routine and an investigation into the realms beyond. All this said, there are a few things I'd point out for improvement. Firstly the engineering, while not awful, is somewhat lacking. The production has plenty of bass, to be sure, but something's missing in the upper registers. The result is a track that isn't as clear and bright as I've come to expect. Finally, the ending of the track is a big disappointment given the strength of the preceding song structure. The artist opted for a quick fade-out, which has neither the hypnotic charm of a long fade-out nor the excitement of a sudden ending. Instead, it feels like the artist simply gave up and turned down the volume. These few nits notwithstanding, I'm very intrigued by Progenitor. This is an exceptionally interesting track, and I LOVE music that is interesting. I'm off to check out this artist's other work; I strongly encourage you to do the same. - Darrell Wade Burgan,

"Review of Starching the Mind on function(i)"

"Starching The Mind" is the type of song that makes you want to hop in your car and just drive for hours! It is like taking a trip without leaving the driveway. As you take your trip with Progenitor you find yourself in many places... first the trance like state of the music as a subtle vocal melody is added. As if you just took a turn onto the freeway. The beat begins to quicken as if you are in traffic heading for a very mystical place. As the journey continues you find yourself lost in the music and the melody. When finally as the song comes to an end you find you haven't even left the are right where you your mind. "Starching The Mind" is the type of song that takes you somewhere even if you don't leave your seat! - Becca,

"Excellent Electronica CD"

Trance-inducing is perhaps the best term that describes the electronica collection “Star Wreck” by Progenitor. Drawing a lot of influence from the experimental genre, these songs are unpredictable, making them refreshingly unique. From start to finish, “Star Wreck” employs the use of unfamiliar sounds in a way that is unique and creative, to say the least. The defining drum tracks in songs like “Deep End” take the center stage in most of these tunes. Moreover, the production of this CD allows all focus to be on the music alone. “Star Wreck” by Progenitor is a great electronica album that will fulfill the music desires of anyone who enjoy tunes with great creativity and pleasant surprises. - Xavier P.,


function(i) [2001], Graveyard Lullaby [2001], Waiting Room Nausea [2003], Pretending to Care [2005], Star Wreck [2007], Digital Signature [2009]



Progenitor is the continually evolving project of Justin Hess. The project was formed in the winter of 2000 by Hess whose early work was targeted towards fans of the electronic and breakbeat genres.

Through the years, Hess began to feel as if the genres were too narrowly defined to embrace his creativity. He began to fuse elements from traditionally non-related musical styles which helped distinguish Progenitor's music from the works of other independent electronic music producers.

Today, Progenitor continues by adding emotion and depth to each track; pushing the envelope in terms of originality and range. In the years to come, Progenitor looks to continue by fusing emotion with technology and tearing down the unnecessary barriers found in today's music.