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"New LA Artist 2008"

"tj- rythm guitar/vols.
Lead guitarist played riffs that sounded like The Rolling Stone's Wild Horses.
The Vocalist sang a litte like Jack White, but that's only because it was something different. His hig pitch-whiney voice made the lyrics hard to understand. It sounded like he was talking. "I can Say what I want to say".
They dressed in what I thought was 90's punk attire. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I noticed the lead gutarist's Pantera shirt.
TJ, with the mohawk, said that his brother was "the guywith the crazy hair".
I'll tell you one thing his brother was, " a fm baseline that punched stiff pauses and smooth transitions across their entire set".
I didn't think they were going to talk to me. They looked too real, too hardcore to be speaking with 'the enemy'. (Quote was taken from the film, Almost Famous.)
They opened for, it doesn['t matter who, I can't wait to see them headline. - Kinetics Direct

"Tj from the band Prognosis Negative in LA"

Interview by: David McGee

DM- Hi, and thanks for the interview.

Tj- No problem, thanks for giving it.

DM- So when did Prognosis Negative start, and what influenced the name?

Tj- We started the group in LA 2004. Don, and I lived in an old meat packaging building. "the meat Locker". Originally we were in a band with Josh Trussell called "Lost Inside Eye", but Josh left, and Don and I wanted a new project. Don came up with the name "Prognosis Negative". It sounded dark to us, but could reflect positive meanings as well. Say, if you were at a doctors office to get your test results. Prognosis Negative would usually mean that you tested negative for what ever the doc thought you may have.

DM- Were you guys just a two piece?

TJ- Yeah, Don was on drums, and did guitar, with vocals coming out of crappy equipment. In the meat locker days, we only had a couple of drummers, and they never stuck around. Eduardo joined the band in 2009. We became close when we worked together at Solarcity, which is a solar power company. Through the long list of drummers, Eduardo was the first, where we actually wrote songs we feel comfortable with.

DM- What song is your favorite that you guys play?

Tj- hmm. Good question. I would have to say "UFO". It was the first song we really go into writing when Eduardo first joined. It has lots of meaning, and leads into a very visual instrumental.

DM- Well, thanks for your time, and we hope to see more of Prognosis Negative guys in 2010.

- Blood Sexy


- Parenthesis
- Everything Sucks



Band started in downtown LA 2004. Playing mostly downtown LA, East LA, & Hollywood area. Raw punk style with synth. Evolved from random jams within a vacant meat locker, to deeper stories of Alien life society, political manipulation, control, and self destruction.

Prognosis Negative was originally started by brothers Don Shore, and Tony Shore, and evolved through many members until resting into Eduardo Castillo on Percussions. Bringing the band from raunchy noise band, into groove, heavy, and trance punk sound.

Eduardo Castillo joined Prognosis Negative in early 2009. Don Shore had worked with Tony, pretty seldom since they both had lived in different states. They came together in Los Angeles, CA in summer of 2004. Struggling though living on a "roof top", and calming into a grungy empty meat packaging building. Self titled "The Meat Locker". It was here that Prognosis Negative came to place. Tony, and Don had been pondering interesting names, and when Don had suggested "Prognosis Negative", Tony agreed that it felt appropriate. It sounded dark, and bold. At the same time, could share positive meaning.