Prognosis Negative

Prognosis Negative


Industrial Punk Rock with dark, humor.


Band started in downtown LA 2004. Playing mostly downtown LA, East LA, & Hollywood area. Raw punk style with synth. Evolved from random jams within a vacant meat locker, to deeper stories of Alien life society, political manipulation, control, and self destruction.

Prognosis Negative was originally started by brothers Don Shore, and Tony Shore, and evolved through many members until resting into Eduardo Castillo on Percussions. Bringing the band from raunchy noise band, into groove, heavy, and trance punk sound.

Eduardo Castillo joined Prognosis Negative in early 2009. Don Shore had worked with Tony, pretty seldom since they both had lived in different states. They came together in Los Angeles, CA in summer of 2004. Struggling though living on a "roof top", and calming into a grungy empty meat packaging building. Self titled "The Meat Locker". It was here that Prognosis Negative came to place. Tony, and Don had been pondering interesting names, and when Don had suggested "Prognosis Negative", Tony agreed that it felt appropriate. It sounded dark, and bold. At the same time, could share positive meaning.



Written By: Prognosis Negative

What am I most of the time?
Just lies, so why try?
I can't describe what its like inside.
I've lost my mind.
I'll show you what its like.
to loose your mind.
Take a look inside.
an empty mind

Theres no Originality
in what I want to be.
All the real things,
come to kill me.

What are you going to do?
Just loose, like we all do?
There is no better way to say
we all lost our minds
I can tell you what to say
just read my mind
Or you can eat my brains
but theres not much inside.

There is no originality
in what i want to be.
All the real things.
Kill me


Written By: Prognosis Negative

With my own eyes,
I've seen fire in the sky.
It was not human kind.
Denied to a million eyes.
They want us to think we're alone.
We are not alone.

I've seen them up in the Sky.
See them in the Sky.

Governments keep you primitive
To control the way you live
Aliens speak through the third eye
Save human kind from suicide
They want you to think you're alone
You are not alone.

I've seen them up in the sky.


Written By: Prognosis Negative

She has a secret,
That she hides.
Nothing is inside,
My gold mine.
When all the something.
turns to nothing.

There is no value
for life.

Somethings not right,
inside my cold mind.
I cross my eyes.
All i see are lies.
Then all the something
turns to nothing.

There is no value
for life

Bad Habit

Written By: Prognosis Negative

Light my cigarette,
and take that fatal breath
Life's a joke
You only know
when you choke
It's all I've ever had.
It's all that I have.

Bad Habits
Are hard to kill.
God Damn it
Won't you feel me?
Bad Habit
Your so hard to kill
Bad Habit
Please just kill me

I don't know where to go.
I sold my soul,
oh, so long ago.
Now I've got nothing to show
but these..

Bad Habits
Hard to kill
God Damn It
Don't you feel me?
Bad Habit
Your so hard to kill
Bad Habit
Please just kill me.


Written By: Prognosis Negative

I'm not worthy of your lies.
The peasants rejoice when the angle dies.
Rich gain more, the less they try.
Until there is nothing left inside.

they want to hold us down.
you know I wont
They try to keep me down
with resistance

They make you want it, because it kills you.
You can't control it, because it thrills you.
Paranoia is here, and wants to feel you.
Death is always somewhere near you.

when they tear you down
your the one i wont
Tear us down


all they want to do
is control you.
all i want to do.
is control you


- Parenthesis
- Everything Sucks

Set List

Intro- 1.30 (Instrumental)
Everything Sucks- 3.00 (punk hip hop)
Parenthesis- 3.00 (punk rock)
Bad Habit- 2.30 (Groove Rock)
Resist- 3.30 (heavy rock)
Never get it- 2.45 (blues)
Do Drugs- 4.20 (heavy rock)
Value- 3.30 (trip-rock)
UFO- 5.30 (punk/synth)
Third Eye- 3.21 (instrumental)
Focus- 3.00 (finale)