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Athens, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop Electro




"An Interview With Programs"

Last Saturday night, during a spontaneous trip to Athens, GA to see Deerhunter, I found myself tucked away in the dimly lit, outdoor booth of Walker’s Coffee and Pub with Robby Casso and Dillon McCabe, two high school boys that together make up the synth-pop duo Programs.
Programs is fresh, funky, and, as Casso would say, “for real.” Casso’s smooth vocals melded with McCabe’s licks and electronic beats makes for a winning, tasty cocktail of sound. Their music synthesizes familiar indie-rock sounds with 1980′s glam-dance pop, and we are totally sold. Programs’ debut EP Promises sounds equally as cool and genuine as McCade and Casso are. Just look at the cover art. Need we say more?

-Jianna Justice - The Rhythm Review

"Rubblebucket & Freeklife at New Earth"

Next up, was a duo called Programs. Also local to Athens, the best I overheard someone sum them up was - "it's like, you can close your eyes and envision little cats playing these songs..."
I'm not entirely sure what that means but I heard it, and found myself nodding in agreement. So maybe upon listening, someone else will just understand what was meant by it. Programs is a pretty new band, being founded earlier this year. They are a self-described synthpop, dance, and electronic band. From the moment they started playing, they had the entire crowd dancing and their set seemed to have ended entirely too soon .

-Brianna Isbell - 'Til Every Bridge

"Athens Music Scene Springboards Two Local Highschoolers' Band"

Sharing the stage with bands such as Montreal, B-52s and Reptar, two local high school boys are well on their way to compete in the big leagues.
Programs, a recently formed band, has suddenly taken the stage and has made quite a distinctive impression on the Athens music community. Self-described as a "synth-pop duo," band mates Robby Casso and Dillon McCabe have experienced rapid success in the few short months since their humble beginnings in June. With a name almost too boring to forget, Programs has caught the attention of many.
“It’s building. The buzz is among us," Casso said.
Surprisingly, the members of Programs are both in high school.
Lead singer Casso is a senior at Oconee County High School, and lead guitarist McCabe is a senior at Athens Academy.
The two musicians have previous experience playing with other bands. In fact, Casso presently remains the drummer for another successful and locally-based band, Grass Giraffes. McCabe explained they met “mostly through mutual friends.”
Both members were influenced at a young age by listening to their parents' ’80s pop hits. Casso was “swooned by the Pet Shop Boys," as well as Michael Jackson, Soft Cell, a-ha and others. Programs’ sound is also comparable in aspects to modern musicians such as Washed Out, Small Black, Toro y Moi and Kisses.
An appealing blend of psychedelic funk and synth-pop, Programs’ music creates an ambiance that is entrancing, fun and ridiculously danceable.
Its tech-based sound includes underlying hypnotic beats complimented by Casso’s somewhat apathetic vocals, making for a delightfully unusual musical experience. With a rapidly expanding fan base, Programs’ refreshingly sexy dance music is catching on all over town.
Its recently released (and free) EP “Promises” features five tracks both showcasing its distinct sound and revealing undeniable potential as the duo’s first ever record. “Promises” has already received a substantial number of Internet downloads and a considerable amount of hype, deservedly so.
“I feel like I’ve been bottling this up forever, like I’ve wanted to do this EP for so long," Casso said. "It's great to finally release it, and, I mean, it's free so it's kind of just a thing for us to put out there for people to enjoy.”
Programs already has a second album underway and “hundreds of songs in progress.” Casso and McCabe have already begun to perform samples of their newest music at local shows, including a recent set at “Live in the Lobby” at WUOG and a show tonight at the Caledonia Lounge.
In describing hopes for the future, the duo talks about their dreams of making it big. Both members express that they soon want to sell out shows here in Athens and someday become nationally (or even internationally) known.
“We definitely want people to sing our songs and dance like crazy whenever we play,” Casso said.
Programs plans to move to Nashville within the near future, where they hope to start get picked up from under the radar. From Programs’ small beginnings as high school students here in Athens, it is beginning to look as if big things are in store for its future.

-Rachel Terns - Red and Black

"Threats and Promises"

Athens synth-pop sensation Programs seems to have blown up out of relatively nowhere over the past few months. The duo, composed of Robby Casso (Grass Giraffes, Glasscrafts) and Dillon McCabe, plays a deliriously attractive mixture of glossy, 1980s-style UK pop and 21st Century indie dance music. Sure, the ‘80s tag might seem a little obvious and lazy—and it’s not one I’m completely married to, either—but damn if these stylish bros cover art doesn't look more like Wham! than anything else in recent history. The cover art I’m speaking of sits atop the group’s brand new debut EP, Promises. The five-track record was released digitally a couple of weeks ago at It was recorded, mixed and mastered by T.J. Mimbs (The District Attorneys) at Easy Street Studio. Download and dig it.

-Gordon Lamb (Flagpole Magazine) - Flagpole

"Hear: Programs "Promises" EP"

We've been playing this record non-stop in the office this week, and it's grown on me quickly. You might recognize Robby Casso from drum duty in Grass Giraffes and Glasscrafts. Programs' Promises EP is full of chilled-out danceable synth pop and lyrics delivered with smooth nonchalance. How could it not be smooth? Just look at that album art. Recommended if you like Washed Out, Yip Deceiver, and Small Black.

-Alyssa DeHayes - Arrowhead Vintage

"Programs: Promises"

Promises is the debut EP from indie pop group Programs. The duo of Robby Casso and Dillon McCabe hail from the fertile musical grounds of Athens, GA, a place that gives a new group a lot to live up to. Programs meet the challenge with five tracks of crisp, danceable pop music. If you are into Matt and Kim or Peter, Bjorn and John, the you will like Programs. Nothing pretentious here, just good, enjoyable, pop music. Does anyone really need anything more? Stream and download Promises at the link below. - Floorshime Zipper Boots via White Russian Records


Promises EP 
2.)Keep On Dancing (With Myself)



Programs, born from Robby Casso's 2013 synth-pop production solo project "Milfshakes," has steadily become a 4-piece power house performing dance funk that will get you on your feet. Following the band's first EP release, Casso and high school friend, guitarist Dillon McCabe, rounded out their group with Grafton Tanner on Drums, and Michael Buice on bass. This Athens-based bunch is new to the lively local music scene, but bring a sexy new element that is quickly making a mark. Helping to remind you of great artists of the 80's such as Michael Jackson, Rick James, and Hall & Oates. Debut album due out in January 2015

-Katie Black

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