Program the Dead

Program the Dead


"Reminiscent of rocks early heyday, Program the Dead revive ballsy, straight-forward rock n roll with a vibe long forgotten and tighten the screws to be relevant in a digital world of fleeting interests and temporary buzz."- Kings of A&R


Program the Dead give it to you like you need it. Live wire rock-n-roll played by hard luck poets with nothing - except everything - to lose. Produced by William DuVall (Alice in Chains, Comes With The Fall), Ginger is the sound of Raw Power-era Stooges dragging Revolver-era Beatles down the Sunset Strip on a death trip bender. With a young Bono trapped in Mick Jagger's body serving the drinks.

Resistance is futile.

One of the many casualties of a major label system devoid of development, Program the Dead have taken fate into their own hands. Armed with a new full-length far surpassing their previous major label work, they refuse to be lost in the shuffle. The obvious answer to the industry complaints about what is missing with current releases, Ginger is everything modern music has been lacking: greatness. Reminiscent of classic albums past, Program the Dead have absorbed the energy and focus of some of rock's greatest bands and created something wholly modern, yet timeless.

A heavily touring act, Program the Dead prove their diversity in sound and supremacy in performance by seamlessly sharing bills with bands like HIM, Mindless Self Indulgence, Ra, Bloodhound Gang, Buckcherry and 69 Eyes. Endless gigging in both the US and UK, Program the Dead are picking up new fans at every turn and showing their former label home just what they're missing.


Program The Dead- Ginger, 2007 (Self-Released)
Program The Dead- S/T, 2005 (Universal/Low Altitude)

Set List

Our set lists are dictated by the lunar calendar and how much food we consumed.