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The best kept secret in music


"What To Hear..."

Rumors have a nasty way of getting around. The whisperings and rumors that Project 12:01 is a local band… are true. Reasons to doubt it? They don't act like something content to be called "local." From the careful detail that goes into every note of every song, to the clean and fresh web site, to the amazing stage show, to their sense of style off of the stage, Project 12:01 doesn't act like some garage band.

The founding members of Project 12:01 are Melissa London and Noel Johannes. They describe their music as "Darkwave," a sound that has evolved from genres of Electronica, Goth, and Industrial.

"Project 12:01 has seductive ethereal vocals floating over a creepy, poppy, trip-hoppy music," London said, "At our live shows, we add in a heavier element, for that extra spark of entertainment." Compare them to Evanescence, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode or Delerium, and they'll be flattered.

Project 12:01 is currently building a remarkable resume of their own. It includes music in three independent films, a few CDs, and an impressive international fan base.

Originally, 12:01 was conceived to be primarily a studio project and distributed through the Internet. The band started releasing tracks over the net in mid-2000. After recording a few songs, London and Johannes could no longer quell the desire to play live.

Project 12:01 has evolved into a visually theatrical stage show that features London in sexy outfits; at times dressed like Queen Cleopatra and other times adorned in accessories such as dragon wings. The guys can be found wearing lab coats, gas masks, and Matrix-style cloaks.

If there are any motifs in the music, Project 12:01 may feature themes from Egypt. Lyrically and theatrically, London feels very connected to Egypt. The song, "Cleo Kisses Caesar" is one of the best examples, featuring headdresses and belly dancers in the live shows.

The Gothic Theater, Rock Island, and Lion's Lair are among the venues Project 12:01 frequently plays. Of those listening to the music, fans range from people whom purposely powder their face white to people who might show up on Dawson's Creek and everybody in between. Meaning, of course, they have a wide range of fans.

Both London and Johannes aspire to be full time musicians. "That's what I live and die for," London said emphatically, "Project 12:01 is the thing that keeps me alive. It's where my ideas go. At times all of the band work can be exhausting, but you have to keep trudging along, moving forward."

The Project 12:01 website ( is remarkable. It was recently cited at the Colorado Music Association meeting by all three panelists as one of the best in Denver. This website works for a number of reasons: it's straightforward, it's clean, and it has tremendous content.

What does the future hold for Project 12:01? Hopefully, a bit more travel. The band would like to tour out of state more frequently, possibly on weekend jaunts. Johannes aspires to hear his music in video games. London would like to perform live on a late-night talk show. But most of all, Project 12:01 just wants to share their dark, dreamy, sultry sound with the world. - By Alvino for Image Magazine

"Project 12:01"

Project 12:01 is the lush musical world of Melissa London (vocals, lyrics, arrangements, synths) and Noel Johannes (synths, samples, programming, electronics). This duo hails from the Denver, Colorado where they have been working since around 2000 honing and polishing their sound. They started releasing tracks over the internet and in late 2004 we were presented with their latest CD Last Pharaoh. Their history also includes many concerts including opening for Wolfsheim and KMFDM among many others. They have taken their many talents and created a nice theatrical performance for their live shows.

The music for this band has developed and morphed slightly over the years, as is typical for most bands. The overall sound fits nicely within the various electronic and gothic genres. They really cover a wide variety of styles including trip-hop, gothic, industrial and some ethereal sounds with Melissa's innocently sweet vocals. I think that fans of Collide and Hungry Lucy should enjoy the music from this group.

This band continues to progress and work with various labels hoping to land a deal. For now, they have done an excellent job releasing and producing their own CDs. They continue to play live and hopefully will continue to release new music in the near future. Watch their website and Gothic Paradise for news and updates. - by Jacob Bogedahl for Gothic Paradise

"Project 12:01... In Rotation"

The latest CD from Denver’s favorite dark offspring, Project 12:01, is like a 1920s/30s art deco era dream of ancient Egypt come to life in the vital, throbbing flesh. Sultry, seductive, relentless, and at times, achingly beautiful. Melissa London and Noel Johannes are at their convincing best with this album. The songs deal with Cleopatra, earthly control-freak extraordinaire and one of history’s most potent females. She was swept away by passion and the promise of love, her romantic entanglements and ultimate suicide by asp (Egyptian cobra) bite and her quest through the afterlife and interaction with spirits.

A notable effort made all the more impressive by the fact that Project 12:01 is a self-produced, self-released band. These folks are true children of the internet. Perhaps now that they have grown to opening for KMFDM, Wolfsheim, et al, we will get a chance to experience them on tour, since, as everybody in Denver seems to know, they are a fantastic live act. - by Andrew Fenner for Morbid Outlook

"Project 12:01 CD Review"

First of all I want to commend the band for putting out such a professional looking and sounding record. Project 12:01, a sultry darkwave outfit, incorporates elements of synthpop, electro-pop, ethereal, and industrial in order to create their uniquely pleasant sound that is altogether dancey and melodic. Each track is expertly orchestrated and complimented by warm sexy vocals and seductive beats. The group is slightly reminiscent of Collide, just not as fine tuned. The dance friendly “Taste” will certainly turns some heads. “Are There Angels” entices with its relaxed friendly vibe, and the perky beats of “Shut The Door” will have you wondering why you haven’t heard of this band sooner. However, the icing on the cake is the band’s smashing cover of Front 242’s “Headhunter”. Do yourself a favor and check Project 12:01 out. - Bite Me!

"Project 12:01"

Project 12:01 is an independent act from Denver, Colorado consisting of vocalist Melissa London and musician Noel Johannes. The duo¹s sound can best be described as sensual, gothic-ethereal with elements of industrial and trip-hop. As the cd¹s title suggests, a majority of the lyrics deal with the magic and mysteries of ancient Egypt, and to that end, much of the music has a exotic, mystical flavor that transports the listener far, far away to the land of the Pharaohs.

Melissa softly purrs her vocals like a seductive angel whispering in your ear, tempting and teasing the listener with promises of forbidden pleasures. On "Are There Angels?" the band¹s sound is reminiscent of a celestial version of Portishead with silky vocals and a blissful melody. "Crook and Flail" offers a sensual tribal beat accompanied by hypnotic flutes and provocative female chants. The darkest treasure however is the sad, yet soothing, "Beyond the Streets," which features smooth vocal trade-offs and creates an intensely somber feeling. Last Pharaoh has a dark underlying beauty and passion that will immerse listeners in an atmosphere of mysticism and sensual delights. - by Randy Rosko for Dark Realms Magazine


"Time for a Taste"
"Project 12:01: 3 Song Demo"
"Last Pharaoh"


Feeling a bit camera shy


PROJECT 12:01… seductive brilliance caught somewhere between "The Matrix" and Ancient Egypt. PROJECT 12:01 founded at the turn of the millennium by Melissa “Melly” London and Noel “nOjo” Johannes, brings the listener something sexy, different, and highly addictive.

Gorgeous, unearthly female vocals weave their irresistible layers through dark and milky electronics. Melissa London's alluring vocal stylings range from schoolgirl whispers to a seductive poppy purrs to operatic and eastern influences. Noel Johannes is one of those quiet synth-god-genius types with ideas constantly cranking away. Michael Aranda brings forth an ingenious element of unique guitar and programming techniques. Jace, recently added into the live band lineup, adds in a dramatic crowd-pleasing element with his pulsating rhythms.

Project 12:01’s sound crosses over alternative, electronic, and goth/industrial genres. As evidenced in past performances with Mindless Self Indulgence, KMFDM and Wolfsheim, Project 12:01’s amazing and theatrical live act is one NOT to miss. Latest CD, “Last Pharaoh” available via