Project 12:01

Project 12:01


PROJECT 12:01 = The Next Big Thing.


PROJECT 12:01… seductive brilliance caught somewhere between "The Matrix" and Ancient Egypt. PROJECT 12:01 founded at the turn of the millennium by Melissa “Melly” London and Noel “nOjo” Johannes, brings the listener something sexy, different, and highly addictive.

Gorgeous, unearthly female vocals weave their irresistible layers through dark and milky electronics. Melissa London's alluring vocal stylings range from schoolgirl whispers to a seductive poppy purrs to operatic and eastern influences. Noel Johannes is one of those quiet synth-god-genius types with ideas constantly cranking away. Michael Aranda brings forth an ingenious element of unique guitar and programming techniques. Jace, recently added into the live band lineup, adds in a dramatic crowd-pleasing element with his pulsating rhythms.

Project 12:01’s sound crosses over alternative, electronic, and goth/industrial genres. As evidenced in past performances with Mindless Self Indulgence, KMFDM and Wolfsheim, Project 12:01’s amazing and theatrical live act is one NOT to miss. Latest CD, “Last Pharaoh” available via


"Time for a Taste"
"Project 12:01: 3 Song Demo"
"Last Pharaoh"

Set List

Project 12:01 set length may range from 25 minutes to an hour, depending on what the show/ festival/ situation requires. On occasion, a cover or two will be added in.