project .44

project .44


project .44 is The brutality of Ministry (Louis Svitek - guitar) and groove of Thrill Kill Kult (Levi Levi - bass) taken to a new level in the writing and programming mind of Chri5 Harri5.


With a stable that includes members of Ministry (Warner Bros.) and Thrill Kill Kult. (Rykodisc) it's obvious project .44 has a firm grasp on the aggro/industrial/tek-metal scene.

Hailing from the industrial/tek-metal capital of Chicago, where pioneers like Ministry paved the way for recent grads like Static-X, project .44 continues the tradition of Chicago's knack for mixing pulverizing guitar licks with catchy dance beats.

With solid radio play from Chicago's Rebel Radio (Hard Rock/Metal) and Q101 (Alternative), project .44 has the genre melding sound that is heavy enough to be Metal and different enough to be Alternative. As 94.7 DJ/Prgrm. Dir. James Van Osdel put it, “it's aggressive, it's electronic's just plain good!"

project .44's 'choatic' live show is a direct derivative of the aggressive nature of their music. Two hard pounding drummers flanked by players who attack their instruments, each other and whatever else is around. Their impressive stage show has garnered them slots at all of the Midwest’s premiere venues (Metro, The Rave, The Vic, etc.).


Look Me In The Eye - LP (Sonic Wave Intl.)-1999

Negative Reinforcement [compilation the p.44 song 'Everything is Always Wrong-bitchmix']-(negative gain prod.)-2000

Firewoman-A Tribute to the Cult [compilation] p.44w/TKK cover 'The Witch']-(Versailles Records)-2001

The Picture Disc EP - (ltd. edition, availble at shows only/promo)-2002

Hard N Heavy [compilation the p.44 song 'Rather Be Dead'] (Rebel Radio/Metalpushers)-2003

Free For All [compilation the p.44 song 'Warpath - extended 12" mix'] (Underground Inc.) -2005

The System Doesn't Work - LP (Invisible)- 2005

Set List

85% original, do covers of other members bands [Ministry & Thrill Kill Kult] (are they considered covers then?)