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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




I really respect you guys for writing songs like Kyoto (and the Tears, for that matter), they're important subjects to remind audiences of and I wish you all the success with the band.

Lars - Lars Chresta, Presenter 2SER FM

"haunting quality"

Have just listened to your cd several times & this is what I keep coming up with as my favourite tracks:

1st Track 2 Luv U Baby
2nd Track 4 Friday
3rd Track 3 The Tears They Cry
4th Track 1 Never

I know nothing about techniques etc., I just go on how the music sounds. I think your music has a haunting quality to it, which I quite like.

Wendy - Wendy Rudin - Presenter on Spirit FM 92.3, Australia

"Nice Job Guys"

Review of "Luv-u-baby" by Carnboss from Louisville, Kentucky on 29Oct2005

I like this tune. Its nice and simple and to the point.
The point being its a fun song!
Slide work good on the guitar.
Fun lyrics delivered well by the vocalist.
Nice job guys!

"old school slide guitar"

review of "Luv-u-baby" by Fauntel from Rockville, Maryland on 27Oct2005
ill get a job
I like how you guys incorporate that old school slide guitar with a funky beat. The vocal melody flows real well with the acoustic guitar. I dont really like how the voice seems muffled. The topic of this song is one I think any blues musician can relate to, drinkin and gettin a job. I would like to hear some more instruments, but the slide alone does give it a raw bluesy sound. -


review of "Never" by:
- ErikoftheJones
Bowling Green, Ohio
August 11th, 2006
like the raw recording here. Still mixed pretty well. Sounds like it was recorded live, with no overdubs. This probably means the band is well rehearsed. -


review of "Never" by: - MikeVickers
Algarve, Portugal
August 9th, 2006

Good combination of voice and music
Strong driving beat behind keeps it all going
Harmonica is the cherry on top
Great song


"good guitar play"

review of "Never" by - flattraqs
Utrecht, Netherlands

Most of all I like the guitar play. It reminds me a little of 16 Horsepower.
The singer really has his own style, which is a good thing!
The harmonica comes in unexpected.

Extra Credit: Guitars.


"interesting, in one word"

review of "Friday. Just like You" by angicarnegie, New York,
August 6th, 2006

IT is definately different and I like it as surprising as it is.

I think your vocals are fun a bit nasally though, and the melody and istrument choices were for the most part really good.

I can see myself driving down A1A in Florida with the top down with a cold Ice coffee singing along with it, it would be fun.

I think you would be fun to see live too. You seem very intriguing with your sound and the elements you added.



review of "The Tears They Cry" by - tgb1124, Agoura Hills, California
August 13th, 2006

I like the sound of the guitars and drum beat. It really keeps the whole song together. It started off mildly political, and then I heard the chorus! It's a good song. Kind of a sing-along live type song. I like the simplicity and production is also good. Bass sounds good!

Extra Credit: Bass.

"I had a listen to the project 77 disc today & enjoyed it"

I had a listen to the project 77 disc today & enjoyed it.
It all made good sense musically & there didn't seem to be any probs with the bar lengths etc.
I liked the the blues harp & additional guitar parts & the singers voice ---he reminded me a bit of the singer from 'Mott the Hoople' ---remember them ? I think the guy's name was Ian Hunter, he did a couple of solo albums too.
Anyway , goodonya.
Steve. - Steve Hunter


Our self titled 4 track EP is out now featuring tracks

1. Never
2. Luv-u-baby
3. The Tears They Cry
4. Friday, Just Like You

"Love-u-baby " was featured at as the "SONG OF THE DAY" in BLUES on 2nd November 2005.

"Never" was featured at as the "SONG OF THE DAY" in BLUES on 11th August 2006.

we have included 2 songs from a previous recording sessions:

5. Always Been
6. Biggest Lie

and a few new tracks have been created at Blackwood Studio:

7. Kyoto Protocol
8. KK Blues
9. The Warehouse Song


Feeling a bit camera shy


Project77 started out as a duo - writing music and playing a few selective energetic covers. With the addition of Seth on drums and Callum on bass Project77 has risen to a new level of energy. The Project is developing as we continue to deliver energetic live music when ever we play.