Project Free

Project Free


A group of songwriters and best friends that came together to create a fresh new sound.


Free Pitts, Karen McNamara, Scott Bond A three-part songwriting and performance powerhouse with a fresh new sound Five piece full band also available Contact Free Pitts, 630-677-0409,
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Once upon a time, a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma with a big voice and a big heart ventured to the big city of Chicago to try his luck in the music business. To help make ends meet, he took a job at a guitar shop that just happened to be owned by a wizard of a songwriter, arranger, producer and guitarist. The two quickly became fast friends and frequent collaborators. Soon there after, that Oklahoman joined a country cover band where he met a songbird whose voice complemented his in a way that turned heads and broke hearts. He quickly introduced the songbird to the guitar whiz, and soon the three of them realized that their combined forces were capable of producing something very powerful indeed. That something is Project Free, and the whole of these three songwriters is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Project Free demo recordings are making waves thanks both to the surprising freshness and sophistication of the songs, which quickly etch themselves into the ear, and to the quality of the performances and arrangements, which combine a country soul with a captivating edge of pure polished rock. Given the pedigrees of the talent involved, however, their success comes as little surprise:

FREE PITTS (the Okie) was born and raised in Oklahoma, grandson of Country/Gospel artist Luther Kennedy. A lifelong musician with an enduring love of country music, Free’s extraordinary voice, ear for melody, and ability to make the listener laugh or cry with equal intensity have made him a sought after talent and allowed him to hone his craft through many years of writing and performing with a variety of bands and as a solo artist.

SCOTT BOND (the Wizard) toured and recorded extensively with various rock bands for over ten years before opening his guitar shop, Fat Cat Guitars, in 2004. His excellence in this capacity as a player and technician quickly led to increased exposure for his own musical talents, and it wasn’t long before he garnered recognition for his songwriting, production work and unique ear for melody and harmony. Soon Scott was regularly producing finished recordings of surprising depth for a variety of artists, including Project Free.

KAREN MCNAMARA (the Songbird) brings a woman’s sultry touch to the songs and the sound of Project Free. Deeply rooted in the blues, Karen came to country music through a series of left turns that eventually led her to five years on the road with Billy Childers. This pairing culminated in a performance at Soldiers Field in Chicago opening for Kenny Chesney. Her smoky voice provides the vocal yin to Free’s yang, and her songwriting insight and emotional intelligence infuse the music with nuance and meaning. While the core of Project Free is a three-person songwriting collective, a full five-piece performance band is also available, featuring Chicagoans Jim Morley on bass and Eric Olson on drums. Inquiries may be directed to Free Pitts, 630-677-0409.


Single "City Limits" currently in rotation on

6 Song EP to be released March,2010

Set List

90 minutes of Original and Cover music.

Typical Cover Repertoire:
Country Rock Versions,
Africa - Toto
Long Cool Women - Hollies
Crazy - Seal
Hole Hearted - Xtreme
Free/Into the Mystic - Zac Brown Band
Love Dont Live Here - Lady Antebellum