Project Hideout

Project Hideout


Project Hideout (PHO) combines keybaord, guitar, bass, drums and vocals to create a sound refered to as a jazzy Doors. PHO is a fun energetic band with a mixture of funk, reggae, and rock. With a sound made for dancing this high energy group will entertain you through out the night!!


Years ago as high school acquaintances Milan and Jasynte, armed only with an old pair of cheap headphones, joined forces and got funky. By fastening his crapy headphones behind his mothers old and out of tune piano, Milan was able to amplify Jasynte through a tiny little amp. Milan proceeded to lay down the funk and Jasynte hopped right in the pocket and the two continued to jam. Milan went to college at UC Davis and befor long joined The Campaign. Eventually The Campaign needed a demo and Milan called Jasynte. Always down to record Jasynte loaded his gear and recorded the demo for Milan's band. Soon Milan's band needed to replace the bass and hired a player named Chris. In need of an up to date demo The Camping called Jasynte. While doing the recording Jasynte met Chris for the first time. Eventually the singer in that band left leaving Milan and Chris to jam alone. One day while jamming with Jasynte Milan asked Jasynte if he would like to consolidate and the three converged, setting the foundations for Project hideout. Adamant on playing funk Jasynte put together some ideas and brought them forth. Chris and Milan added their groove and the sound started to grow. A few short months later vocalist Shiree was added and immediately got to work. After a few months PHO set out on a search for guitar to help fatten the sound. Finally, after many odd and not quite right ones, Brad appeared and all it took was a slashing solo with his tongue and teeth to get Chris, Jasynte, Milan and Shiree to agree that he was the one. Project hideout was now official and has been playing shows since. A conglomeration of several distinct styles Project hideout's music is an infusion of funky grooves, bluesy riffs, and a rock edge. With influences like Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, the Vaughn Brothers, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and many more Project hideout has a refreshing sound, full of energy and life.


PHO's debut album "I Scream Social" is in the workings. It's projected release date is July 2009.

Set List

Our tipical set consists of the following Originals;
Give it,
Can't sleep,
Scented Candles,
Funky Jack,
Hey Stevie,
Reggea jam,
Boy Crazy,
Shuffle bags,
Wooden leg,
Get Down, Little pea blues
and many more.
Covers; we decide covers based on the venue an pridicted crowed. We limit our covers to groovin bands like The Police, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Santana, The Meters, Stevie Wonder, and too many others to list.