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M.A.R.S (Minds Above Reality State), is conformed of two members, Tek Deep from Long Beach, and Nubrain from St. Louis. Both of these artists / producers bring a perfect combination of west coast funk with mid west melodies to the music game.


Nubrain- born and raised in Velda Village. (VMG!) Musical Influences- The instruments, feelings and emotions from music.
Tek Deep- Born in BakersField Ca., and raised in Long Beach Ca.
Musical Influences- Music from Ghana, Africa, 70's Funk, and 80's old school.


Singles Released- "Ghetto," "Let me know," "Let me show you."
M.A.R.S. (Minds Above Reality State) Project MARS LP
Tracks can be heard at HIFANRECORDS.COM and Purchased Via Website (HiFanRecords.com), Tower Records, CDBaby.com, Ameba Music and downloaded from iTunes.com.

Set List

Set Play List- 1. "Intro" 2. "Let's Go." 3. "Ghetto." 4. "Let me show you." 5. "Let Me Know." running set: 12-15 min Usually performed at clubbs.