Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem

 Leederville, Western Australia, AUS

We are Perth's kick-arse smart alec punk rock party band. We call it Gonzo Rock. Once you've seen it live, you'll get it. Sambuca challenge!!!



Rock Up Fucked. Pretty simple really... we’ve all done it.

And whether rocking up fucked led to the night of your life, or left a trail of devastation in your wake, you probably had fun.

Slamming one such night’s hazy memories into song – a song that ironically enough contains no profanity whatsoever – Project Mayhem’s Rock Up Fucked sums them up to a tee... balls-out rockin’ and ridiculously catchy.

Recorded to reflect the band’s incendiary live shows; Rock Up Fucked is completely sans-bullshit. There’s guitar, bass, drums and vocals – most of which was captured on the first take – and there is a song.

An absolute corker of a song, mind you.

Award-winning, critically-acclaimed and much loved in their home state of WA as they are, the thing most people remember of Project Mayhem is how ballistic they are on stage.

Rock Up Fucked is a reminder of how ballistic they are on tape.


Rock Up Fucked

Written By: Project Mayhem

When we walk through the door
Your evening’s decorum’s about to get spoiled
So cover up your décor
We’re in your hors d’oeuvre, and we’ll drink all your port

And as much as we wanna impress
We’ve our own definition of what makes a success
And I’m seeing so much cocktail dress
It’s time to get wild, I must confess

We’ve been out for a helluva time
And now we’ve got something to do
It’s too late now to apologise
And now we’ve gotta deal with you

We’ve been our for a helluva time
And there is nothing left to say
Except: “Aw, man... you didn’t get your way.”

So hand me cocaine on a plate
Some whiskey and wine, I’ll forgo the pate
Cause I don’t like your attitude mate
But your girlfriend’s a doll and I would contemplate

I know you fantasise about me
I know you fantasise...

So don’t cry tomorrow
You invited us round now I’m goin’ the growl
On some friend of your friend, she’s almost at the end
But I’ll use a towel…


2011: "Rock Up Fucked" single

2009: "Project Mayhem" debut album

2009: "WA Gold" compilation CD.

2009: "Ronald Andrew Taylor (24)" single

2008: "...Go Gonzo" EP, self released

2007: "No Rest For The Wicked" EP, self-released

2005: "Pass The Coopers / Pass The Goon" Split EP with zxspecky, Blazing Strumpet Records

2004: "Pop Tunes From Hell" cassette, Blazing Strumpet Records

…plus compilation appearances courtesy of WAM (2009, 2010, 2011), Next Big Thing (2009), Live Fast Die Drunk Records (2007), 2Fast4Love Records (2011), Skunk Records (2010); and their own "WA Gold" compilation financed with NBT winnings (2009)

Set List

We've got nearly 10 years experience on the stage and we've all be on the stage since we were teenagers.

Can perform at least an hour of entirely original music.

Lengthier sets available by special arrangement.