Project Mike

Project Mike


Songwriters through out the decades have inspired this new and uniquely brave and bold sound captured in the songs of Project Mike. Through writing songs based on life experiences, Mike has crafted his sound into what you hear today. With a wide range of influences, his sound continues to evolve.


Project Mike is a group of varying instrumentations depending on the show. It can vary from one member doing a solo show, to a full band. Started by Mike Matrasko (nicknamed by friends as "the acoustic guy") is a Chicago area musician. He has played with many bands and artists over the years including the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, Jon Faddis, Vincent Gardner, etc. Mike has also been featured on several CD from bands in the city and surrounding areas.


Project Mike - Acoustic Vol. 1
Project Mike - Acoustic Vol. 2 ( Coming Soon)

Some songs can be heard on his Soundcloud page.

Set List

Drive Me Wild
My Life
I Love You, Goodbye
Do It All Over Again
Face Myself
You Are Not Alone
One Last Night of Summer
The World Can't Stop Us
Uphill Climb
*Other original songs as they're written

Covers are usually played at random depending on the crowd and what they're responsive to