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...Project Oryon began as the result of two friends, David Russell and Steven Stringer, who decided to dedicate every bit of their spare time and energy to the craft of writing and recording a broad scope of original music. Formed in 2003 with only a couple Jasmine acoustics and some inexpensive recording software, the two never expected the buzz they immediately created. Every demo CD idly given away to friends brought requests for more CD's for their friends, local and abroad, and word spread like wildfire that Project Oryon had to be heard. The guys fed on that energy and have spent the years building an impressive library of music that already covers more ground than some artists entire careers.
.....David Russell, who began as a drummer and guitarist, is an accomplished singer/songwriter/composer and the conduit through which the majority of the beats and melodies of Project Oryon are channeled. A student at Texas State University, David's lyrics are broad and engaging, spanning; religion, philosophy, the everyday, love, language, and world affairs. This can be felt especially clearly in the lyrics of "I Try" and "Gravity (Pull Me Under)." Whether cryptic or concise his words provide a deep connection with an audience increasingly jaded by the "canned" and mainstream offerings of popular radio.
.....Steven Stringer is a seasoned musician, and balanced counterpart, who provides a strong structural and melodic influence, as well as vital input and production skills to Project Oryon. Primarily a bass player, also lending his talents to the prog rock band Violent Skies, Steven is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his own right, as evident in selections such as "One Last Breath" and "Exhausted and Worn." Never being encumbered by any particular style of music, Project Oryon provides the perfect space for him to stretch his musical wings.
.....To realize the growing demand for live performances, as well as bring the recorded works to life, Project Oryon was fortunate enough to enlist the talents of guitarist Jake Scott, guitarist/singer Philip Luna, and drummer Nathan Wilson. Jake is the face-searing guitar player, formerly of the black-metal band, Abattoir, and has been a friend of Steve and David since high school. Able to transition between soothing, shredding, sorrowful, and bone-crunching in a nanosecond makes Jake a huge asset to the band. Steven met Philip and immediately recruited him for P.O. when he started playing bass for Phil's existing progressive-rock band, Violent Skies. Philip's vocals and guitar playing add depth and complexity needed to make Project Oryon work in live environment, as well as enrich the recordings. Nathan Wilson, whom Steven met while working at a New Braunfels Music, is an extremely accomplished drummer with roots in jazz, classic and progressive rock, while also spanning reggae, country and metal. Playing drums, also for Trippin Out West, and known as "The Cosmic Clock" in his progressive band Bass Station, he provides the precision backbone essential to P.O.'s unique, multifaceted style.
.....Project Oryon, as a whole, believes that Music is limitless, timeless and alive. They don't question their gut instincts or first reactions and are able to follow the Song wherever it may take them. Project Oryon is sure to provide a meaningful, high-impact listening and live experience that will leave you craving more.