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Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia | SELF
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"Grizzly rockers come together to gather an army"

PROJECT 62 – Our Own War
Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Grizzly rockers come together to gather an army

Our Own War, the first release for Toowoomba-based eclectic rock quintet Project 62, follows a burgeoning reputation as a solid live act. It’s a record of playful contradictions: deep vocals over blues-tinged tracks; the sweeter, melodic ballad Without; and angrier, heavier rock tracks with political agendas like God’s Gift. The record is driven lyrically by a staunch, nearly religious rejection of passivity, both personal and political. Project 62 presents a raucous, self-aware but likeable meld of rock influences, lined with the earnest ethos of old-soul punk-rockers. Our Own War comes complete with a handy appreciation guide for listeners: “1. Play it loud. 2. Read the lyrics while you listen. 3. When the album seems over, keep listening – you might be in for a surprise!” Ideal listening would be live from a dank, darkened country bar, but if that’s not possible, try suggestion 5: “For best results, serve with whiskey and/or beer.”


Comments (2)
1. Written by E, on 24-02-2010 14:42 , IP:
This album blew me away. I'm not a rock chick, but I fell in love with the soulful voice and impressive musicality. A worthwhile investment.
2. Written by Christopher, on 25-02-2010 17:12 , IP:
unreal album some of the best work i have heard in a long while awsome lyrics and the music is there to back it up this album was money well spent. Would not suprise if this band is australias next big thing in rock


"Band Unleash In Clip"

DISUSED sections of the Toowoomba
Metal Technologies Foundry provided
an atmospheric backdrop for up and
coming local band Project 62’s first
music video clip.
The local band shot the clip, Pulse,
in March over two days.
Project 62 keyboard player Peter Woods
said the clip’s release was part of the plan to
raise the band’s profile.
“There is definitely an atmosphere about
approach a variety of television stations to
get the clip some airtime. In the meantime
check out the music video clip at or
“Although there are snakes, hairless cats, a
mad scientist and zombie chicks, there is also
a message behind the clip which we will let
viewers work out for themselves,” bassist
Adam Henry added.
the clip,” Mr Woods said.
“It was shot in the old part of the foundry.
“The entire video and DVD was shot and
produced and manufactured right here in
Toowoomba. Now in days past, that statement
alone may have been a signal to lower your
expectations, but I can honestly say that the
Pulse video clip is a world-class effort.
“The release of this video clip is part of the
bigger plan to establish the band.”
Mr Woods said the band would now
mad scientists
feature in new
Project 62
video clip

- Anthea Gleeson - The Chronicle

"Have You Heard?"

Project 62 play Step Inn this Friday Night
What do you think is your band's greatest strength and why?

Peter Woods (keyboards): "From the band's perspective. our greatest strength is being able to write songs that are meaningful and have a sense of purpose. The lyrics are not just about accompanying the music, they are talking about issues in today's society and people's personal lives. It is something that we value and can experiment with conceptually in the future."

If you could travel back to any gig in history which would it be and why?

"Midnight Oil live on Goat Island in 1985. The band was in their prime: raising awareness on development and exploitation at the expense of the environment and lifestyles. It was also a limited opportunity for 100 people and their mates to go through a Triple J comp. However wouldn't it have been interesting to see when Stravinsky unveiled the Rite of Spring - the notorious classical music riot?"

What movie do you think your music would best accompany and why?

"Anything directed by Jack Tyrannosaurus Atley. Something in-depth like Sean Penn's 'Into the Wild'. A lot of the songs could be matched with the main character's journey and reasoning.

What are your plans for the immediate future? And the rest of the year?

"There is plenty of new material to record. We would like to acquire the skills of engineer/producer Anthony Lycenko (Moloko, The Beautiful Girls). Getting out and playing more in Brisbane and down south, plus we are planning to do a second film clip for another track from our album 'Our Own War' ."

Favourite hangover cure?

"Repeat what you did earlier before the hangover occurred" - Time Off Magazine

"Pure rock fury hits Irish Club"

Local bands Project 62 and Atuska will be joined by metal rockers Weaponhead at the Irish Club this Friday night for a show not to be missed.
Weaponhead has recently completed a stint in the US where they played at the Locobazooka Festival alongside acts such as Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath.
Newcomers Project 62 have quickly forged a reputation as a formidable live act. "We have been waiting for a chance to showcase the extent of our original repertoire", said Jason Lawler, the band's vocalist.
"We cannot be easily pigeon holed." Project 62 will use the gigue to launch their self-titled demo CD which will be available at the venue for a gold coin donation.
Atuska will kick off the night at 8pm, followed by Project 62 at 9pm. Weaponhead will round out the night starting at 11.30pm. Entry is $5. - Entertainment Weekly- The Chronicle

"Project 62 (interview)"

We formed...after a chance meeting in late 2005 between Mark and Jason was the start of Project 62. After recording some tracks for posterity's sake a drummer was sought and the band formed at it's earliest in early 2007.
Our sound aural representation of frustration with society. We don't like labels. Our music spans many genres but we try not to draw from anyone too heavily. Call it eclectic rock.
Our best gig so far...was our last one. Because we strive to make our next one better than the last.
Our worst gig so far... according to our equation, our first gig.
By this time next year we...hope to have our music self-supportive. Reaching wider audiences with quality songs that reconnect people with the things that are most important.'s all about the journey.
You can check out more about Project 62 at - Loud Street Press

"Toowoomba rock outfit are on the war path"

Toowoomba rock outfit Project 62 are on the war path.

This six-piece don't like to classify themselves as anything more than pure 'rock', and it's clear from their music just why. Having recently released their debut album, Our Own War independently,these local favourites are bringing their aggressive, rebel-with-a-cause style to Brisbane. The members of the band got together to muse on the wars we all face, the making of their new clip, and why it's not necessary to shower.

In your own words, who makes up Project 62? Describe your style and why you came together.

Project 62 (Jason Lawler, Mark Chalmers, Josh Meppem, Peter Woods, Adam Henry and Jonathan Willis) came together through friendship, a dissolution with playing in cover bands and the desire to create something of our own. Some have called it epic rock, eclectic rock - we just like to think of it as rock. There are way too many genres, nowadays! Maybe we could be neo-classical jazz-pop? Our music is a mix of many styles and genres and every member brings a different influence to the table.

How does it feel to have your debut album, Our Own War released?

It feels great to have something we can hold in our hands that represents that point of growth in our band. The album was a huge learning experience for us. We were unhappy with the results from the studio at first, and took it upon ourselves to re-record a large portion of the material. We had to learn to use pro tools and all sorts of stuff, but the knowledge has proven invaluable to us.

What was the process and inspiration behind it?

Our Own War started off as a chance to explore the recording process with our songs, but soon became a vehicle to present them in a much deeper and emotional setting. As the album neared its' final stages, we realised there were many underlying themes that connected the songs. The album artwork helped to emphasise these themes and before we knew it, we sort of had a 'concept' album. Soon the songs started to take on a different shape and form and the vision for the record became clear.

The record is very political, were there any events in particular that were written about?

There weren't really specific events, though the theme of the record focuses on the inherent flaws of humanity and a realisation of one's own ignorance - not excluding ourselves of course! These flaws could be traced to many particular events, both personal and political, which shall go under the guise of ... wait for it ... our own war.

What tracks in particular are you most proud of?

'Too Bold' and 'Silver Line'. They have a lot of different sounds and are slightly more ambitious than the other songs on the record. They give the record a sense of scope and depth.

You've just released a video for 'Pulse'... it's pretty insane! Describe the idea behind it and how it was put together.

The 'Pulse' video was basically conceptualised by Jack 'Tyrannosaurus' Atley, the director, and our lead singer Jason. The character that Jason plays is a scientist known as Victor Black, whose main goal is to manipulate anything he desires, including the world that he lives in. He decides to tamper with mother nature, which ultimately leads to his demise - basically, your average video. It was shot over two days with many helping hands. We really enjoyed working with Jack, he helped us realise our potential. Aside from the video being a great promotional tool, it has brought us closer together, and Jack is now like an extra member in the band.

You're also playing The Step Inn in June - what's the best and worst parts of playing live?

The best part of playing live is the energy and vibe we get to create, which is never the same every time. It's exciting! The worst part of playing live is not being able to do it all the time.

Do you find Brisbane audiences receptive?

We haven't really played Brisbane much, but most times the response has been positive and we love playing with new bands, so hit us up Brisbane!

Where do you see as your place in the Queensland music scene? A lot of what's around at the moment is indie/pop or softer rock ... do you feel like you're bringing something different?

We see ourselves as a relatively unknown band outside of our hometown. Our music is a little more confrontational than what's around at the moment, but we like to think that we're offering something challenging that resonates in everyone.

Project 62 is a meeting of musical minds - do you ever find the collaboration process a challenge?

It was hard at first, but once we all left our egos at the door, the friendship grew, the music seemed to flow and the direction became clear for us all. We all realised that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and learned to appreciate each others' strengths and weaknesses.

What's next up for the band?

We're looking at the possibility of another video, depending on how this one goes, and will definitely have a new recording by summer.

Where would you like to see yourselves in five years time?

Probably re-re-re-recording the above new record!

The band's favourite bar in Queensland?

The Lawman's Moonshine Shanty.

What other artists are on high rotation on your iPods?

We still buy CDs and most of us don't even own an iPod, but we like a range of stuff, eg. Radiohead, Eddie Vedder, Clutch, DEP, Steve Reich, Grizzly Bear, Greenthief, Weaponhead. Basically, anything that doesn't suck.

Shower in the morning, at night, both, or neither?

We have water restrictions here, so neither. It gets a bit pungent up on the mountain.

Project 62 play Step Inn on Friday 11th of June, and Our Own War is out now, available here.

- Saturday may 8th Anna Angel - Post'88


June 13th 2010 - Interview with 4ZZZ Brisbane and Live Performance

June 5th 2010 - Interview with Andrew Bartlett on 4ZZZ

April 24th Film Clip DVD Release - Pulse

Release of debut album in January 2010 - eleven track cd titled 'Our Own War'. Featured on River 94.9, 4DDB, 4ZZZ, LA INDIE RADIO

Released self-titled EP 'Project 62' with 4 tracks.



Project 62's music is a blatant rejection of passiveness, a definite grunge influence in adoration of
a more compositional approach and hints of art rock; at times chaotic and dramatic. A sextet hailing from Toowoomba, Australia, they have already released an album - Our Own War (2009)- and are about to embark on another for 2011 with producer Anthony Lycenko (Suede, Pete Murray, Beautiful Girls).
Watching the band live would have you agree that they are indeed are formidable live act constantly searching for truth through sound.
The leadsinger Jason Lawler is chaos, a modern day prospector with a harrowing voice set upon a soap box opera. The lyrics emote the music, a trial through all the different spectrums of greed, love, nostalgia, survival instinct, revenge and the status quo. There is something appealingly obscure about Project 62, nothing contrived or
laying claim to pop sensibilities.