Project 62

Project 62

 Toowoomba, Queensland, AUS

Project 62 . Their debut recording "Our Own War" has been described as "raucous, self aware, a likeable meld of rock influences lined with the earnest ethos of soul punk rockers" Their music is a tapestry of 21st century protest, a blend of post grunge and art rock.


Project 62's music is a blatant rejection of passiveness, a definite grunge influence in adoration of
a more compositional approach and hints of art rock; at times chaotic and dramatic. A sextet hailing from Toowoomba, Australia, they have already released an album - Our Own War (2009)- and are about to embark on another for 2011 with producer Anthony Lycenko (Suede, Pete Murray, Beautiful Girls).
Watching the band live would have you agree that they are indeed are formidable live act constantly searching for truth through sound.
The leadsinger Jason Lawler is chaos, a modern day prospector with a harrowing voice set upon a soap box opera. The lyrics emote the music, a trial through all the different spectrums of greed, love, nostalgia, survival instinct, revenge and the status quo. There is something appealingly obscure about Project 62, nothing contrived or
laying claim to pop sensibilities.


June 13th 2010 - Interview with 4ZZZ Brisbane and Live Performance

June 5th 2010 - Interview with Andrew Bartlett on 4ZZZ

April 24th Film Clip DVD Release - Pulse

Release of debut album in January 2010 - eleven track cd titled 'Our Own War'. Featured on River 94.9, 4DDB, 4ZZZ, LA INDIE RADIO

Released self-titled EP 'Project 62' with 4 tracks.

Set List

Here is our set-list of original songs which we change from time to time:

Wooden Bone
Forewarned Love
Half Past Horizons
Witches and Gypsies
Tempered Soul
Hessian Gloves
Fight One Another
Your Disgrace

Camouflaged as Life
Grey Beards
Too Bold
Our Own War
God's Gift
The Matador
Project 62
Back Home
Silver Line