Project: Storm

Project: Storm

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Available for 2016 dates in the midwest. A return to the true live experience, Neo-progressive attitude. Instrumental heavy metal that never fails to satisfy and overload.


Like a surgical strike, Project Storm's STRATAGEM reaffirms the premise of focused aggression through tireless effort over a seemingly insurmountable foe.

More than 100 dates including opening for Warrant and Gary Hoey.
Trade Shows: Dallas Guitar Show, Guitar Madness, NAMM
TV appearances: MTV, Uranium (FUSE tv)
video appearances: 3: Watch It Go! (platinum)
Magazines: Guitar World, Modern Drummer
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STRATAGEM also thoroughly restates the presence of Project: Storm as a force from nature's dark side. “Put us in front of an audience and we will destroy you,” Riccardo says powerfully, “Nothing we do is safe, we play some dangerous shit and the best way to do that is on stage.” Produced by guitarist 1690, STRATAGEM is the second release and soon-to-be new level metal standard from the three piece neo-progressive attitude masters that features an onslaught of shred banging guitar driven riffs. Be prepared to embark on their mission of sound.

Relentless and unbridled track after track, the rhythm section of bassist Ricky Riccardo and drummer Michael 'Cat' Grigsby deliver like a rolling juggernaut. "Discharge" flexes then releases like crashing waves against the shore. "The Hunted" gives the true experience of final rites after capture. (Or, as 1690 succinctly puts it, "audibility of a sonic pulse.") "To Honor A Champion" is a soundtrack of celebration to the fallen legends of our youth. "Theatre" splits in two and returns like a double edged sword seeking vengeance.

Be prepared to be surprised. Project: Storm have grown like a tsunami in season. Known for their layering and structure, they've rarefied a talent and cultivated it's style. They've honed their skill and written a smoldering body of work. And the most recent Project: Storm alum -- guitarist Spacey T (Mother's Finest, Fishbone) and drummer Jason Mallow -- have left their mark on the battlefield with their individual sounds expanding the mayhem.

Project: Storm released its first effort in 1999 with The Reckoning (True Gemini Records), displaying the group's signature approach and power. The disc featured guests, T.M. Stevens, Vernon Reid, and Bill 'the Buddha of bass' Dickens. It also posted the number one internet song, "Intimidator".

Project: Storm's work on STRATAGEM is summed up as a mature effort from seasons of touring and development. The song writing and execution continue to grow in complexity while reaching to an ever expanding audience.

This is an obvious statement of a position of constant intention. A strategic and clear mission. The storm front is moving and building in intensity and the forecast places us all under a severe watch...

Project: Storm is: 1690 (guitars), Cat (drums), ). Ricky Riccardo (bass)



Written By: 1690,Cat,Ricky Riccardo

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The Reckoning - True Gemini Records 1999
Stratagem - True Gemini Records 2005

Set List

All original material from both releases
for standard opening act time slots