Projekt Gift

Projekt Gift


Projekt Gift is Revolutionary Rock Music. This electric mix of friends draws inspiration from bands such as: 311, Incubus and MANY others.This fusion of musical styles is a force that is blazing a trail in the local music scene and is equiped with an unstopable and irrisistable energy.


Projekt Gift, Adj. (Pr-ah-j-ekt G-if-t)
Projekt gift…. This band of 6 friends who all grew up in the same square mile town was forged through an intense shared affection for music. The Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Alternative, Progressive, Reggae fusion makes for something completely undiscovered and inspirational. Very forward and sub-consciously positive, Projekt Gift has been in the Detroit music scene for a little under 4 years and have been growing exponentially. Whether it be music to make the brain function on another level, something to rock out to, even fall asleep to; this sextet has the dedication and determination to make amazing music and keep the masses feeling satisfied.


Projekt Gift is currently recording their first full length CD. Which they hope to release in late winter early spring.

Set List

Projekt Gift can play multiple 45 minute sets. When they do bar shows or play for Race For The Cure they can play up to 3 hours. The band has over 30 original songs, with new songs always being worked on. They have many covers such as 311, Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Marley, Muse, Led Zepplin,TLC and much more.