Projeto Coisa Fina

Projeto Coisa Fina

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

A jazzy band that brings a blend of Brazilian rhythms performs a tribute to the great master Moacir Santos


Projeto Coisa Fina is a band based in São Paulo formed by thirteen young musicians: 4 saxophones; 2 trumpets; 2 trombones; piano; electric guitar; acoustic bass; drums and percussion.
The collective fuses baião, maracatu and samba with jazz elements with a unique and inventive touch. These spice rhythms make the audience experience Brazilian roots and make us discover the music of the great composer Moacir Santos, an essential icon in the history of Brazilian music.
The band began to play in different places in São Paulo with great success of audience and has being requested to perform in international festivals like Percpan and Savassi. Daniel Nogueira, the founder of the band, researched about the fascinating and unknown Moacir Santos life story and got engaged on producing a CD with Vinicius Pereira, the bass player.
Recorded live in a big studio, the CD Tribute to the Maestro Moacir Santos was released in 2010 and also presents new compositions inspired in Moacir Santos universe.
Moacir Santos
Moacir Santos was born in 1926 in Pernambuco and had a brilliant career as a musical director of radio orchestras in Rio de Janeiro. In 1965 he released his first album named "Coisas" (a term to define the number of the compositions like "opus") which was a commercial failure. Then, he decided to move to the United States where he produced four albums: Coisas (Forma 1965), Maestro (Blue Note 1972), Saudade (Blue Note 1974) and Carnival of Spirits (Blue Note 1975). One of them - “Maestro”- has been nominated for the Grammy in 1972.
Being an excellent arranger and composer, Moacir Santos worked a lot in Los Angeles and played with many important musicians like Horace Silver that recorded some of his compositions. He was part of the Lalo Schifrin team in Hollywood as a ghost composer of the soundtrack of Mission: Impossible movie where his musical signature is easily recognized.
Very respected in USA, Moacir was not supposed to be back to Brazil during 45 years until Mario Adnet and Zé Nogueira decided to recover his music, restoring the original arrangements and registering them in a fantastic CD released in 2001. The CD named Ouro Negro (Petrobras) that means Black Gold, had a great impact as it showed an awesome composer very little known by the Brazilian people. The astonishing tunes are so well arranged that captivated important Brazilian musicians like Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Djavan and João Bosco, recording each one a song by Moacir Santos at this anthological CD.
After 4 years, Ouro Negro still reverberates in the souls of two young musicians Daniel Nogueira and Vinicius Pereira. After listening many times the CD, they decided to begin a band with brass and woodwinds instruments to perform Moacir Santos music with a new flavor, bringing back all the creative and anthological music of this gorgeous composer.
The revival of Moacir Santos music has an extreme cultural importance not only for Brazil but for the world as his music is pretty vibrant and presents beautiful combinations between contemporary music elements, Brazilian references with a grooving jazz feeling. An experience to be felt!
Projeto Coisa Fina laurels rest on the ability of transforming Moacir Santos sophistication in thrilling tunes for the upcoming generation. Their CD is an absolutely astounding debut. And given they are only 7 years old, this is just the beginning - and that's truly something to look forward to.


Projeto Coisa Fina ' Uma homenagem a Moacir Santos"