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Picture This (2006)

1. More Than Lies
2. Inside
3. Out of My Mind
4. When The World Dies
5. Just Leave
6. Picture This
[Hidden Track]

"Upcoming Album" (2008)

--Breathe Romantic
--Prayer For The Trigger Happy
--Cellphones And Pheromones



The term itself means "to fall or slip out of place." This is for everyone that knows who we are and FEELS our music. We want you all to realize that you are in every note we play, every word we sing, and in everything we do. There is nothing more beautiful in the art of music than TRUTH. Everything we pour out to you is PURE TRUTH. We are not here to show you how many times we can jump in unison on stage or show you how many times we can flip our guitars around. We're not here to show you how loud we can scream or how quick we can play. We're not here to show you how tight our pants can get or how slick our hair can be. We are simply here to profess. We are telling stories of truth and throwing our souls at you. We are giving you our hearts through our music. We are opening up. We are letting you all know that you are not isolated and we have endured just as much bullshit from life's wear and tear as you have. We are relating. We don't write music to sound like a certain band or to sound a certain way. We write what comes out. The most precious part of all of this is how nothing else matters except the music. It's awesome when bands can create a career out of making their music and marketing it, and it would be amazing for us as well. But looking back at the last four years. We can honestly say that we have come and gone so much further than we could ever imagine. Playing tons of places, playing with big names whom we idolize, playing with bands that have nowhere near the amount of respect they deserve, radio airplay, a professionally-recorded CD, friendships, fans, dreams coming true. When we play shows and see/hear people singing along to pieces of art that we have created, it melts us. We love you all to death. We are forever in debt to all of you. Always speak the truth and you will never regret. You are all beautiful and don't ever let anything or anyone convince you otherwise. We have learned (and we want you to learn as well) that when you find a beauty such as this--you never let go of it!