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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Additional Press Reveiws"

Reviews of Shows, Music and Interviews can be found at and at (Sacramento) Reviews from our last tour are too numerous to list so some searching might be necessary to find all of them.

- Various

"Reviews of "No One Lives" by Prolific"

nice stops quik and tight. I love the sound you have created its got a slipknot feel and punk undertones the only kind of music I love is metal and I see that you are very original and grinding thanks for letting me hear this!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Production.

- nathan_stokes
June 28th, 2005

\m/ straight up \m/
This song is sick. PERFECT for some moshin or hardcore dancin. The singers voice could be compared to those in big bands now. The guitars are extremely sick. good job
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Lyrics.

- HTTFbass
Cape Coral, Florida
June 23rd, 2005

Innovative Vocals!
Wow... what an interesting peice of music! Catchy and weird stop and go intro that really held my attention...fusion of all kind here. I thought that the vocals matched up to the music fairly well and that is interesting considering how innovative they are. I also thought the drums were pretty good. The guitars were good as well. I really have no critisizms about this music... please keep up the excellent work on your music!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals.

- OfInfinity
San Antonio, Texas
June 23rd, 2005 -

"Reviews of "Burn" by Prolific"

Nice guitar work
The guitar really drives the song. Good job on the hooks and rythms on guitar. The vocals are pretty heavy for the effects on the guitar, which I think makes this band different from other bands that sing like this. It's a cool combo of guitars and vocals. Will make them stand out from others. The Bass line is cool, and moves around alot like the guitars, and fits well. This is a nice technical playing song.
- failover Omaha, Nebraska

rockin' tune
the vocals are interesting to say the least, almost like southern rap rock. they carry the right amount of aggression that sets the mood of this song. i'm digging on the higher parts, excellent idea which shows he's not a one trick pony..
the guitars are what sets this song apart very interesting use of chords and rhythm. the lead lines are there and make the guitar stand out without overpowering the song.
the bass is the glue thats keeping this whole thing together. very strong player. bass break was interesting without being to busy. i have to mention the drummer here as well. he's doing a great job.
the verdict is positive. production was nice and clear. great song.
- consumptiondrum Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Original, Modern Rock&Roll
I liked the intro to the song immediatelly. The singer's heavy side vocals are excellent. The guitar and bass and drum mix is excellent. Overall a real good recording.
- tooncat Fairview, Tennessee

This song has some pop elements, but original at the same time. I like how the 1st and 2nd part contraast each other.
- rafournet Hammond, Louisiana


"Reviews of "Scatterbomb" by Prolific"

Nice n Tight
Metallica meets Sevendust with a stumble over The Mighty Bosstones grave.
The rhythm section alone is something to right home to mamma about. Energy is by far NOT faked. Professional in every way. Production buffs, eat your heart out.
-Durafrog Jamestown, New York

I can hear a lot of technical niceties here and there. Your chords are quite original, and original I like. If you want my advice I'd like some more insanity there like that Mike Patton is the master of.
The drums are nice and tight and are well played with good taste in the percussion.
It's a good composition
- nepsen Oslo, Baloom, Norway

Wow, I never expected it to kick in like that after that intro. The intro has sort of a surfer feel to it, but it comes screaming in. Strange, but I like it somehow.
- thekingfinger Los Angeles, California

nice sound
This kind of reminds me of some of the older music, but more aggressive. I usually don't like the fusion of rap and rock, but i really like the way that you guys did them. The vocals are good. The drums sound good throughout the track for the most part. I think that the guitar is incredible that triplet line is very complicated.
- Cistern Iowa City, Iowa

I hear sublime and green day influences big time. This is not a bad thing. Lead vocal is passionate and dedicated to the song. For the style of music the lead vocal suits it well. Good job.
Lead Guitar -- the whirling riff was pleasant and fun to follow. All parts were played solidly.
Drums - I felt the rhythms added to the song and were not overplayed. good job.
- hollowqc Davenport, Iowa

CoOl A## ####
interesting intro on this one. Vocals come in and Pounce on ya. I get this old agnostic front feel from these guys. Kinda punk a bit, Kinda heavy..Yes yes I like it!!
- Thrash_Head Naalehu, Hawaii

unique sounding
Intro is very surf-rockish, and then turns into surf-rap-metal party rock. Kind of a unique combination
- aural_shock
St. Paul, Minnesota

Fucking yeah'
This is so funky and I like it a lot. RATM is reborn, just in an even more talented version. You'll go big time if you give it the dedication and time it needs. I can promise you that.

- kavnsted Los Angeles, CA




"Jump-Starting the Bandwagon"

Excerpts taken from "Jump Starting the Bandwagon" Yakima Herald Republic 04/09/04 by Kim Nowacki

"As the sky begins to spit rain the Yakima rock band Prolific gets ready for Take 2 for its first music video.
Originally rap-rocking under the name 4-way windowpain, the band that won the Roxity's battle of the bands in October, Prolific is trying to get away from the Limp Bizkit label and move into more hard core, musical metal.
Josh Hodgins, director of the video says, 'From my understanding, its all about karma, the concept is about a guy who gets picked on and the way he lashes out.'
Hodgins plans to use Prolific's music on soundtracks for many of his upcoming films, and the band's video will be shown on music video channels across the country." - Yakima Herald Republic


(07/04) The single "Burn" has been played on Radio stations across Washington State including stations in Seattle and Spokane, as well as Portland OR and Moscow ID. Prolific has been picked up by stations in Ohio through and numerous onlilne radio stations. The Video for the single is viewable online and was made in 2004 for free by a local film crew who believed in them as much as they believe in themselves.

(09/05) "Old Addictions" "Feed The Devil" and "No One Lives" are available in audio format only on various sites throughout the internet including and various online radio stations. The upcoming video for Old Addictions will be viewable Oct. 2005.




Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 2000, Prolific has rapidly ascended to the apex of the Northwest Hardcore/Metal scene. Bringing a raw edge usually seen only on the East Coast, Prolific's agressive vocals and extensive musical chops make for an explosive show that is both visually and aurally jaw-dropping.
Frontman Shannon Guthrie, grew up studying Jim Morrison of The Doors as well as his ascendants Arlo and Woody Guthrie. As he experimented with drum machines and guitars, he sought to create music that had the musical merit of classic rock n' roll with the lightning quick vocal complexity of modern bands such as Slipknot, Mudvayne, and System of a Down. He would find his match in guitarist Eric Hughes.
Eric Hughes grew up playing guitar under the tutellage of his father. Jethro Tull, Rush, and most importantly The Beatles had a major impact on his early playing style and songwriting. His writing mixes progressive musical devices with classic chord progressions and time tested song structures. A solid yet technically proficient rhythm section would be the last piece of the pie. They would have to look no further than their local college jazz program.
Aaron Foss and Brandon Burke met while doing jazz casuals in the Yakima Valley. When they realized that playing with musicians 3 times their age was neither satisfying musically or financially, they attended the local college and began studying theory and improvisation with renowned jazz instructor Dr. Isidore Rudnick. Their efforts would pay off in the summer of 2000, when Burke and Hughes, who attended high school together, met and discussed the possibility of bringing the four of them together. From the first practice they knew they had a winner. Extensive songwriting and rehearsing began and soon some of the most intense, engaging, and original music ever created was being played in the unlikely location of Yakima WA. Prolific has not looked back since. Extensive touring, major label showcases, and dates along the West Coast have seasoned the band and molded them into a live tour de force of energy. Definitely THE band to keep your eyes on in upcoming months.