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"Prolifik is hip-hop in its truest form. This lyrically conscious artist infuses universal themes with a clever delivery. Prolifik - a Bridgeport, Connecticut bred MC - finds a way to be appealing to the masses while still maintaining his credibility with true hip-hop heads." - Connecticut Post


"What does it take for an unsigned hip-hop artist to break out of a scene that’s never gotten its due? Talent, tenacity, and the rhymes to back it all up. Bridgeport, Connecticut MC Prolifik’s got all that, and more – and he’s hungry to take his game to the next level. After conquering his home state’s radio stations and live spots – with airplay on Hartford’s Hot 93.7 and New Haven’s KC 101 and performances at some of the state’s most historic venues – this self-proclaimed “conscious rapper” has continued to sharpen his lyrical skills, and his mic prowess shines on club bangers and introspective tracks alike. Listen and learn – Prolifik is about to take over." - PLAY Magazine


Work It

Written By: Prolifik (M. Garofalo)


lemme know that youre worth it (worth it)//
lift ya skirt up and work it (work it)//
lemme know that youre worth it (worth it)//
lift ya skirt up and work it (work it)//
all my fellas in the club pullin chicks tonight//
(what) throw ya hands up cause ya game is tight//
get get get get em up//
get get get get em up//

(verse 1)

chillin on the wall, baseball cap low// (pause)
looking for a lady with a strong backbone//
that could make it clap so//
I could take her back home//
And when its time ta go she gon still act grown (whoa)// (pause)
Im a bachelor baby//
N I wanna have fun with attractive ladies//
don’t be acting crazy//
Im not thinking past tonight//
so why you talking bout havin babies (whoa)// (pause)
got a bottle in my hand n// (pause)
I – got a model on me dancin//
I – like the way she moves//
Got me thinking bout the right time ta make a move (whoa)//
What a wonderful night// (pause)
Im not out looking for the love a my life//
Just a one hit wonder for the covers tonight//
Got the bait on the hook gimme something ta bite//

(verse 2)

new drink in my hand still dancing with dimes//
I need a top ten with a scandalous mind//
The ideal chick that im planning ta find//
Is a freak in the sheets that can handle the ride (whoa)// (pause)
N the night is young//
Another round on me cause im kinda drunk//
Another girl on me and im tryna cut// (pause)
Back it up, drop down now grind it up (whoa)// (pause)
You know im ballin out (ballin)// (pause)
Imma show yall what its all about//
You buyin girls drinks till they fallin down//
N the only thing you pullin is a wallet out (whoa)// (pause)
N im baggin chicks// (pause)
That are all that n a bag a chips//
Like it’s im playin a game a tag, youre it// (pause)
Now come take a ride on the magic stick//

Keep It Movin'

Written By: Prolifik (M. Garofalo)


Keep – keep – keep it movin//
(N we) keep – keep – keep it movin//
earthquakes may shake but we keep it movin//
n hearts may break but we keep it movin//
Keep – keep – keep it movin//
(N we) keep – keep – keep it movin//
terrorists may hit but we keep it movin//
people may jump ship but we keep it movin//

(verse 1)

you work all day for a small ass paycheck//
n you owe money that you haven’t even made yet// (pause)
loans n bills ta name a few//
you got one more week then the payments due// (pause)
2 more weeks n the babys due//
no one in the world could relate ta you// (pause)
you turn on the tv n flip through the channels//
n you see drugs n the government scandals//
news on the war// (pause)
another man killed//
the world keeps turning it doesn’t stand still// (pause)
gotta press on//
you cant be depressed or youll get stepped on// (pause)
you gotta press on// (pause)
2 part times//
no health insurance// (quick pause)
times like these make sellin worth it// (pause)
cant believe (hold out -ieve) that hell is worse then//
the hell you work in//
I tell a person//

(verse 2)

you give a hug ta ya husband for the last time//
before he gets locked up for his last crime//
you got knocked up, you were just sixteen// (pause)
high school drop out, no more dreams//
addicted ta o.c.s n morphine//
you die who’d cry, they don’t mourn feins// (pause)
tv screen shows more war scenes// (pause)
whats up next (pause) new Orleans// (pause)
but you gotta keep keep keep it movin//
you don’t wanna be the reason ya son is usin// (pause)
DCF gotta see improvement//
Or they’ll come take away that seed you ruined// (pause)
Try ta get a job but youre names in the system//
Can’t drug test, cocaines in ya system// (pause)
No choice but ta prove em wrong//
When the going gets tough we move along//

(verse 3)

its been six weeks n youre lost without em// (pause)
tears come down when you talk about em// (pause)
still so much that you wish you told em//
forgot what it feels like ta kiss n hold em// (pause)
No doctor can heal your pain// (pause)
N you wonder if he feels the same// (pause)
When ya phone rings you pray its him// (pause)
You know everything you gone say ta him// (pause)
One more chance, youd be makin it right//
erasing the fights//
n replace em with laughs/
but we know you cant change the past// (pause)
you could just wait for the pain ta pass// (pause)
you feel like no one knows you now//
he was always there just ta hold you down// (pause)
you don’t appreciate what you got till you lose it//
but keep keep keep it movin//



- Breakin' Dollars mixtape available at and iTunes

- Radio personality on KISS 95.7 FM (Hartford, CT) and co-producer of the Keith Sweat Hotel (New York, NY)

- Has opened for Lyfe, Paula Deanda, Rob Base, Kat Deluna, John Legend, Frankie J, Sean Paul, Papoose, Jim Jones, Omarion, Marcus Houston, and MC Chris (aka MC Pee Pants from Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Cartoon Network)

- Won Hot 93.7's Saturday Night Showdown after going undefeated for 4 straight weeks in a row (Farmington, CT)

- Won KC 101.3's "Stick It Or Flick It" contest and then went on to be a featured artist on their "Next Big Thing" segment (Hamden, CT)

- Advanced to semi-finals in 2005 Unsigned Hype showcase competition (New York, NY)

- Winner of the 2007 Underground Music Award for "Most Original Male Solo Artist" (New York, NY)

- Nominated by CT's Holla-Back Video Awards in 2007 for "Mixtape of the Year" (New Haven, CT)

Set List

Set Length: 10-25 min.


1. Work It
2. Stay Fresh
3. Keep It Movin'
4. Ready 2 Roll
5. Don't Turn Around
6. On Stage