Bridgetown, Saint Michael, BRB
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Prolific, Dynamic, Soulful, Unrestrained and Fresh are few of the words that come to mind when listening to this young artist Prolifik. (No Gimmicks)


If one word were used to define this artist it would have to be of course, prolific. This Brooklyn raised, Trinidadian born rapper (formally known as Point B.Guttas) has seen his fair share of inner city struggle and island mayhem. At the age of 12 he started rapping in the streets of Flatbush, Bklyn. As his skill grew so did his run-ins with the law, caught up in the street life his rhymes began to reflect this very lifestyle. After being arrested numerous times, he has since renamed himself “ProLifik”, which means abundantly productive & writer of many works. He has done this in an attempt to bring more of a positive vibe to the rap game. With a sharp delivery and deep metaphors, this rapper is definitely one to keep an eye on. Pro is currently working with producers such as Tay Starr, Strategy and Switch Messiah for his upcoming mixtape “Memoirs of a Screw Up”. Recordings are being done at Black Note Studio under managing director Jamal Cobham of Island Mayhem Ent.


Ride Wit You - Prolifik ft. Vanessa Lee
Trapped - Prolifik ft. Prosperity Yout
Deep Down South - Prolifik
Black Activist - Prolifik
Talk My Talk - Prolifik
Which Way - Prolifik

Set List

The set is typically four songs, each on an average length of four minutes.