prometheus clay

prometheus clay


Fresh, original, heavy grooved based rock & roll with blues & jazz influence & improvisational tendency we have honest and thoughtful lyrics and speak to mans struggle with spirtuality and some are just about whatever.....


original captivating sound and live performance.



Written By: bill Strack

What i have taken from you is more than i could ever give
and you have givin me more than a reason to go on
happiness for i am steadfast in your love
these things i hold above all pleasure in this land

i may grow older with each passing day
wasting away like the mountains under pounding rain
our spirits grow younger with the love that we make
im dedicated and devoted to you

so you give to me and i give to you and together we might just make it
nothing to lose no nothing at all and we certinley wont remain here
wont know that it works until it falls apart and then we'll know for sure
every things gone its all messed up everything except for me and you

repeat chorus

no on minds waiting on the sunshine always knowing its gonna be there soon x2
you are the sun and you are the moon
i'm dedcated and devoted to you


Debut CD is in the final stages

Set List

We have 40 original songs in rotation we play a few covers Hendrix, Dylan, Dead