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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Metal Industrial





Promidal have released the official music video for the song “Transcendence”, taken from the upcoming album ‘Magnum Tenebrosum’. Directed by Rev. John Wheeler, Produced By Tracey TerrorEyez. The video is highly inspired by Lovecraftian lore and pays homage to several artists that have influenced the group. Promidal hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and incorporates elements of Industrial, Black Metal, and EDM to create a truly unique sound. - XS Rock

"Promidal – “Magnum Tenebrosum”"

Okay, this band lists “Tentacles” as one of their interests. That kind of says it all. Hentai tentacles? Lovecraft tentacles? Tentacles the 1977 movie? Doesn’t matter. I’m sure they like them all. Magnum Tenebrosum is their third release and they’ve been around since 2005. They are very appealing to early aughts Liz. Industrial music was a gateway to metal for me, and Promidal’s very metal take on industrial is great. They are basically everything a good industrial metal band should be: dark themes, heavy vocals, great guitar work, and good beats. Magnum Tenebrosum is also heavily influenced by Lovecraft. - Adrenaline Armory

"Year In Review"

Well it is 2019 now. 2018 was definitely a huge improvement after the awfulness of 2017. The number of new releases in 2018 was unbelievable. There were moments this year I felt overwhelmed by all the new music. In case anyone has missed it, here is my list of my favorite albums from 2018 Best of 2018: Albums and Best of 2018: Songs.

I had a very difficult time creating this list, there were some incredible late comers to the game like A Journey by Train to Spain (synthpop), Shadows and Serenades by A Covenant of Thorns (synthpop), and Shadows by Twin Tribes (darkwave). I really struggled with my top 5 list and which order those albums would be ranked as from 5 to 1 because I love those albums by Birds of Chicago, Ashbury Heights, Kaelan Mikla, Promidal and Autumn (US band). Ultimately the top spot did go to my favorite band (local and overall Autumn) with Promidal in a close second, followed by Kaelan Mikla, Ashbury Heights, and Birds of Chicago.

I hate saying this but I am starting to find myself bored with the whole EBM scene. A lot of it has gotten redundant to to say the very least, which has led me to venture outside the perimeters of my usual musical genres that I listen to and started listening to more hip hop, funk, and Americana music. There definitely was some great releases in the EBM scene because I have listed a 3-4 albums in my top 20 list, and 5 more in my honorable mentions category. The new Ashbury Heights album The Victorian Wallflowers was the best of the lot. Songs had excellent melodies and great lyrics that I personally could relate to.

I was really disappointed in the new VNV Nation album Noire because most of the tracks lacked the energy from their previous albums Transnational and Automatic. The songs sounded great live when I saw them in concert last month but on record, I was bored. Citybeats was even more dull. Every song sounded the same. I am not sorry what I just said here. This is just how I feel about those albums and to a certain extent the genres they fall under. It has all started to sound the same to me.

This past spring/summer, I created a Post-Punk Playlist and in the process, I started listening to the genre quite a bit. Really discovered a lot of great bands while I created the playlist from ACTORS to VV and The Void. My favorite band I discovered this year is Kaelan Mikla who is from Iceland. When I first heard "Nornalagio", I was hooked. Other faves includes Panic Priest, Laura Carbone, Death Bells, and Saigon Blue Rain (just to name a few).

Outside of the dark underground scene, I have come to love some mainstream music: Love in Wartime by Birds of Chicago, By the Way, I Forgive You by Brandi Carlile, and Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae. Those artists/bands really put out some incredible music this year. Whenever I needed a break from whatever I have been listening to that day at work, I will throw in one of those albums in my portable CD player and listen to it. I am torn who should win Album of the Year award this year's Grammys Brandi or Janelle, love both of their albums but since Brandi has been in the industry a little longer and slugging it out, I have to root for her a bit more. If Janelle wins, I will be very happy for her. Her latest album is wonderful. It is so obvious that her music is heavily influenced by Prince.

2018 has been a fantastic year for the local music scene. On my best of 2018: Albums list, I have included three local releases by Autumn, Promidal, and Dessa. Atmosphere's new album got an honorable nod. I liked his album just a bit more than Maria's new album Sasa which is still quite good. Autumn released their long anticipated third album Chandelier. It was so worth the wait. While I love the new HuG album, I felt that Promidal's Magnum Tenebrosum was a far better industrial/metal album. The music is incredibly brutal yet super catchy as hell.

Not long ago I started listening to some Oaxacan rap music by the amazing Mare Advertencia Lirika (after I read about her in a NYT article dating back to October). Her album SiempreViva (2016) completely blew my mind. After I started listening to Mare's music, I started to dig around the internet on youtube and bandcamp for Mexican/Central/South American rap music and discovered other artists/acts like Rebel Diaz and Rebeca Lane. My views of rap music in recent years has definitely changed for the better although I do think soundcloud rap is absolute garbage, and I am definitely NOT a fan of Cardi B's bombastic music.

Concert wise, 2018 did not disappoint me. I started off the new year with a trip to Chicago to see Nightwish (great excuse to go to the windy city). A few days later, the legendary synthpop band Covenant. What made me very happy the most was seeing L7 at First Avenue. That had been a lifelong dream of mine over the years. They did not disappoint me. I think that has to be my favorite concert of 2018. Also saw Alice Glass with Zola Jesus/Pictureplane, VNV Nation, Pale Waves, Belly, Chvrches, Psalm One, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Autumn and Promidal. I had to miss some concerts because of some costly dental work that had to be done in August which was disappointing but health comes first. - The Twin Cities Underground

"The Minneapolis Metal Scene Throws Down for Autism"

Promidal took the stage next. This was the first time I caught these guys performing live. It was clearly a ‘Holy Shit’ moment. Apparently, I have been in some sort of vortex and have miss other performances. Promidal rocked it hard, laying out a deeply dark, artistic, and heavy industrial set. They hammered through their set leaving most a bit speechless. - Twin Cities Media


Magnum Tenebrosum (2018)
Simul Iustus et Peccator (2015)
Dead Nation (2012)



Far in the depths of space and time, five creatures born from the Old Ones were awakened.

Taking the image of man, these servants of fire and madness wreak havoc through their weapon of sound. This music has stirred an ancient terror in the cosmos, and with their god-crushing music, Promidal will bring galaxies to their knees.

A brief History of Madness:

Promidal was formed in 2012 by frontman TerrorEyez from his journey through pain and madness. The project since then has gone through many style changes, as well as lineup changes. The band has mined inspiration heavily from its members’ deep love for black metal, harsh EBM and industrial, incorporating thematic influences from artists and literature ranging from H.R Giger to H.P. Lovecraft.

With these influences came a new breed of electronic infused metal. Starting with the release of their debut EP, Dead Nation in 2012, followed by the full-length album Simul Iustus et Peccator in 2015. Promidal found its final lineup with Rooster, Apostate, Slain, and Magnus. They have since buried their roots deep to grow the dark visions further.

In 2016, Promidal was approached by Noah “Shark” Robinson (ex Motograter) to sign a distribution deal with Zombie Shark Records for the album Simul Iustus et Peccator. In 2017 the band took a year to work on their heavily Lovecraftian themed album titled "Magnum Tenebrosum," recorded at Will Maravelas at 14:59 Studios. In July 2018 the band released their long awaited single "Transcendence," followed with the full length Magnum Tenebrosum on October 20th, 2018 through Twin Town Tyrant Records, and Zerobudget Records. 

Promidal is currently writing a new EP, planned to be released winter of 2019. 

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