Male singer/songwriter - international pop, with world, cabaret and electronic influences. Also influenced by French, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Middle Eastern and American.


This Chilean-born songwriter, who lives in Silverlake, Los Angeles, once fell under the spell of history, international singers and the old world, or, as better said by a friend, by a triumvirate spell of Latin romanticism, Catholic mysticism and American urban reality, which inspired him to feverishly write music. His main goal was to be a songwriter, but he also had to learn to sing and effectively deliver his own songs, and that is how he began to perform. He started playing his music publicly in L.A.s cabaret open-mic scene (at places like the Vermont, the Gardenia and the Ten20), and not long afterwards began to get gigs. He has now played in some of L.A.'s best cabarets and night clubs, and in Fall 2005 his music was featured in the award winning musical Night Of The Black Cat. In early 2006 he self-released his first album, titled Promis. In July, 2006 he played his first international gig in Paris...his favorite experience thus far...and a second album will be released in early 2007.


"Promis" (2006) available on ITunes, Amazon and CD Baby.
"Promis 2" to be released in early 2007.
My tracks can be heard for free at

Set List

I do all sorts of sets, mixing my songs with covers.