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Timeless music in the ambiance of soul.... Defined to touch the hearts and catch the ears of those who are in its presence...


The rapper "Promise" is a solo act... The C.E.O of the company and main producer.... The label has two RNB artist as well, TWON and CARLESHA.. With influences of artists like TUPAC, NAS, JAY Z, PUFF DADDY, you can expect the a sort of combination of the mixture"hybrid"in his influences, in a sense to please you.. Not much can seperate people from being musicians. Talent is talent.. but some are more captivating and respected that others. Promise has had being a wealthy musician in his dreams since childhood. Now older and more mature is ready to make his mark in the game.


once upon a time

Written By: Promise

Verse 1: Baby you lookin so cute/ I wanna hold you, kiss you and get to know you/ Hold my hand baby, i'll keep you away from harm/ We french kissin underneath the stars/ We makin love under the sun/ When I hold you girl I feel like one, im not done/ From head to toe with my tounge/ Pause in the middle and won't, stop till ya done/ We freakin slow to the same tempo/ You in my mental Everyday, did heaven send you/ Cat scan me see a picture of ya pretty face/ So focused on that paper chase sometimes I need to getaway/ When we chillin girl I feel relaxed/ I don't need no drank and I don't need no gat/, Come sit on my lap/ and tell me bout ya day baby girl i wanna hear bout that/ CHORUS 1: Love is a beautiful thing / Im feelin you baby girl and its more than a fling/ More than just one night, more than a crush its called love/ im addicted to your kiss, im fiendin for you girl/ (2 TIMES) VERSE 2: Give you a penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your kiss/ Huh, What I could get for a dollar baby/ You see your love drives me crazy, intoxicated by lust/ Fantasizing of a sex scene butt-naked the two of us/ Shampagne, strawberrys and chocolate/ Skin to skin, raw dog, on top of it/ See we got that trust you and I/ Movin at the same speed we bust you and I/ Plus it could get much better than this, I know/ cause my hair stands up when ever we kiss/ When ever we touch, everyday my every love/ First thing and last thing I wanna see before I sleep and wake up/ I had a dream last night/ of us drinkin daiquiris with umbrella toothpicks in paradise/ Holdin hands and walkin trough the waves/ pick any island in the world and we can do it babe/ CHORUS 2: (2Times)


Scrillafornia the lp released in 2005 Opium the Compliation released in 2006 (CDBABY)

Set List

I perfer to do a 7-10 minute set. About 3 songs. Mostly rapping over a cd instrumental of the songs with vocals so theres no need for a hype man and features come out just for their song. I like to have my space so no bands or to much in the background unless necessary.