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"Pieces are falling into place for Promised Eden"

The band Promised Eden called its debut album “Guilt,” though this may be the most guilt-free rock record out of Worcester in some time.

The quartet simply cranked up the volume, laid down a bunch of muscular vocal tracks, and fired up a big ol’ bass-and-drum engine.

In short, it’s hard rock without the schlock.

“Guilt” is a gift to fans of modern hard rock as the record spans the grungy low-end tones of, say, Alice in Chains to the more metallic sting of a Sevendust record. Promised Eden’s no-nonsense approach seems to be paying off. The Matchbox Records label in England recently selected Promised Eden’s “Bleed and Die” for inclusion on the third volume of the label’s “Big Indie Comeback” series, which will see international distribution. Promised Eden is also vaulting up the club ranks locally to secure prime playing time.

The band’s next stop is tomorrow at The Lucky Dog Music Hall, 89 Green St., Worcester, where it shares the stage with Griffon, Tunnel Drill, Let Down and Shadow Cell.

Promised Eden came together three years ago with guitarist Patrick Keating and drummer Mike Paquin, who have been kicking around bands together for about 10 years. After leaving their last band, Keating and Paquin crossed paths with singer Keith Brindle just as he was quitting his previous band.

Keating was sitting on a stack of songs, Brindle was putting together melodies and lyrics, and Paquin was hammering out the rhythms.

“We opened a MySpace page and the first day we got an e-mail from a guy that said, ‘Looking for a bass player?’ It was a godsend,” said Keating of bass player Wayne Williams’ entry into Promised Eden.

The band honed its sound through a lengthy recording process, aided by Matt Cole at C2 studios in Worcester. Keating and Brindle produced the basic tracks, then Cole mixed and mastered the tapes in a way that accentuates the peaks and valleys built into the material.

“I think I have an up-and-down personality,” Keating said. “I can write music that is either light-hearted or heavy.”

It’s the latter half of that equation, though, that defines “Guilt.” Promised Eden burrows down into themes of lost hope and crumbling grace, plunging deeply into despair on the slow-burning song “Let It Slide” about a guy who leaves his friends after a night of drinking only to kill his wife and himself upon returning home.

The song selected for “Big Indie Comeback,” “Bleed and Die” is a jittery, live-wire hard rocker that would sound right at home on rock radio.

Keating said the battle to get on radio can sometimes be discouraging, but the response the band has drawn at live shows, including an opening gig for Nonpoint, provides fuel for Promised Eden to keep going. And to keep going in a way that feels natural, even if that does mean more work in the trenches.

“I’m not really aiming for anything. I’ve been writing like this my whole life,” Keating said. “Things take shape when I bring what I have to the rest of the band. I have a lot of the parts set and they’ll make it great. It’s a real group effort”

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- Scott McLennan -The Worcester Telegram

"CD ~ Promised Eden delivers metal paradise with "Guilt""

When listening to any album, there’s usually going to be a few stand-out tracks ~ three, four, or ~ if you’re really lucky ~ five or six. But on Promised Eden’s debut album “Guilt,” the Worcester-based boys produce 11 killer tunes.

From album-opener “Don’t Belong” the band comes out with all guns blazing. Singer Keith Brindle’s voice has a distinctive snarl to it, adding a level grit to the group’s hard-rocking material. Don’t let the edge fool you, they’ve also got a great sense of melody. On “Fall From Grace,” the chorus shows the band’s softer side with a silvery vocal. Even the guitar riff on the chorus, courtesy of Patrick Keating, shines through the distortion.

“Free At Last” comes in with an almost jazz-feel; Brindle’s snarl is full of raspy soul. It doesn’t take long for the intensity to be turned up and soon the band is back at what it does best ~ fist-pumping, head-banging rock. The album’s title-track is another raucous number, but the disc eases up with “Breathe.” The appropriately titled tune provides a well-positioned respite among the chaos. After it eases in ~ and lets the listener catch his own breath ~ it’s back to business.

One of the album’s real treats comes about 45 seconds after the final track “From Me” comes to its frenetic end. What follows is about three minutes of an achingly beautiful acoustic guitar. Sure, on the surface it may seem out of place, but given Promised Eden’s ability to perfect their craft even in the midst of such rowdy pieces, it makes perfect sense.

While the album is great, Brindle said their live show tops it. “When people don’t know who we are, at first they’re stand-offish and don’t know what to expect. After the first song we’ve got their attention.” Drummer Mike Paquin emphasized the band’s high-energy performances and little bits of rock ‘n’ roll choreography they throw in (like twirling his drumsticks). “We actually work really hard on our show and on our stage presence,” he said.

The band’s work has been featured on Matchbox Records’ compilation disc “The Big Indie Comeback Vol. 3” as well as in conjunction with the No Fear product line. The exposure has won them many fans the world over, including the U.K., Japan, and Mexico. Bassist Wayne Williams said they receive e-mails from bands overseas who dig their music.

But before they take their place on the world’s stage, the next order of business for the band is to get signed and work on their next album. After “Guilt,” the bar’s been set pretty high.
- Bobby Hankinson -The Pulse Magazine


Promised Eden's debut album "Guilt" was released in November, 2006.

The song "Don't Belong" is featured on and has been frequently voted into the top 10 songs on the site.

The song "Bleed and Die" is featured on the Matchbox Records Label Compilation CD "The Big Indie Comeback Vol. 3" and has been rising on their charts.



Promised Eden is one of the premiere hard rock bands emerging from the New England club scene. Their high energy, hard hitting all-original music is unlike anything that can be heard on the market today. Led by singer Keith Brindle's powerful vocals and driven by guitarist Patrick Keating, bassist Wayne Williams and phenomenal drummer/percussionist Mike Paquin this band has what it takes to make it to the top.

The band has been together since 2004 and has already released their very first 11 track CD entitled "GUILT" to rave reviews. They are going to be featured locally in Worcester's largest newspaper, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette by band reviewer Scott Mclennan who has already told the band that the CD sounds exceptional. The single "Bleed and Die" has been signed on by Matchbox Records to appear on the compilation disc "The Big Indie Comeback Vol 3" released in Feb of 2007. They have also been endorsed by the NO FEAR product line for use of the music on the CD. No matter what stage they perform on, whether it's headlining in Boston, or opening for national band Nonpoint, Promised Eden leaves you wanting more every time.

Their hard work and dedication to the integrity of the music is more apparent than ever on every song they write, and in every performance they give. They are the real deal.

Promised Eden is a band that you do not want to miss. Once you've heard their music or seen them live, they guarantee that you will remember the name.