Promises Promises

Promises Promises


A new definition of rock and roll with guitars like Sonic Youth, drums like Rush, and vocals like Danzig on broadway.


"Reno's Promises Promises is a must-see"

"they ooze fun, even during the sound check when bargoers were invited to sing along."

"The banter at least seems off-the-cuff and frontman Jared Mort engages with ease as he leads the foursome through bright rock songs bursting with infectious energy."

Promises Promises is Rock/ Pop band consisting of Jared Mort (Vocals/Guitar), Tayler Wooten (guitar), Dennis Hippert (Bass), and Pierre Marche (Drums/Percussion). Long time friends and die hard musicians the foursome formed its final lineup in mid 2007.

With their diverse sound and electric live set they were quickly opening up for national acts such as The New Amsterdams, Say Anything, Finch, The Higher and many more. Believing that a powerful live show and solid performance are the basis of any band they are constantly at work writing fresh, new songs for their fans and rehearsing endlessly.

After recording their self titled 4 song EP with producer Mark Kiczula (Dashboard Confessional, Linkin Park Feat. Jay Z, Good Charlotte, Scary Kids Scaring Kids) in 2008 their single "Crybaby was quickly added in to rotation on Reno rock station 100.9 KRZQ as well as being featured on XM radio's XMU and college stations nation wide. Paired with the bands hard work and promotion their fan base and international interest is growing quickly.
Telling stories of hurt, hate, love, and lust. Such as Ballad of an Agoraphobe, the story of a man who falls in love with a woman he sees daily from his balcony but who is so stricken by the fear of human contact he can not convince himself to leave his own home to confront her. As four friends in the neon lit music scene of Reno finally collaborated they discovered a new way to tell their stories. Not only employing pop sensibility but finding an edge that cuts through any crowd. With influences like U2, Sonic Youth, Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley, to No FX, Sam Cook, and Motley Crue this band draws from every aspect of the music they grew on to make their original sound. An electric live performance shows their honed skills in each of their instruments and the pride they take for being skilled in their trade.


Demo 2007-

Single: Mafioso Love Song- Highest number of plays ever recorded by a local band on Reno's #1 Rock Station KRZQ.

Self Titled EP 2008-

Single: Crybaby-Produced and engineered by Mark Kiczula (Dashboard Confessional, Linkin Park, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Good Charlotte) Currently streaming and played on indie showcases nationwide.

Set List

Typical set list:

45 minutes long (10 songs)
All Original music

1. Gold Digger
2. Lighthouse
3. Mafioso Love Song
4. Runaway
5. The New Girl
6. Seven deadliest
7. Sea Storms and Suicide
8. The Devil Inside
9. Bright City Lights
10. Crybaby