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Album: "Re-offender" (Rodeostar Records / SPV), released on 28th of septembre 2007



PROMISES! PROMISES! promise songs and melodies. Songs, which they present powerfully with devotion and passion and thus take the audience in their musical world. Melodies which engrave fast and inevitably and won’t go again. Music – furious, melancholic, euphoric, pretty, and ready to fill the air of small smoky clubs as well as the air of the big festivals.
PROMISES! PROMISES! understand how to combine elements of Emo, Indie Pop and Rock to a musical adventure.

On the way to their debut album “Re-offender”, PROMISES! PROMISES!, who originally come from Oldenburg, could already celebrate some experiences und success. Since creation in 2004 the band played support shows for bands like JIMMY EAT WORLD, DONOTS, BEATSTEAKS, SLUT, SPORTFREUNDE STILLER and BLACKMAIL.
In the first year, PROMISES! PROMISES! already won the MDR Sputnik Soundcheck Newcomer Festival in front of 10.000 spectators and moreover won at the “Live in Bremen-Contest”.
2005, the band achieved its hitherto musical climax with a gig on the main stage at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. There, PROMISES! PROMISES! shared the stage amongst others with KORN, THE HIVES and THE HELLACOPTERS.

This kind of success approved the band to record a complete self dependent album. Therefore, they contacted their favourite producer Santi Garcia in Spain.
Santi Garcia was known for his production for FAVEZ and ONE MAN AND HIS DROID. “We looked for a special sound that we didn’t find in Germany – natural, emotional, direct”, says Angelo Mammone, the singer of PROMISES! PROMISES! The band agreed and they took the plane to Saint Feliu/Spain to record their debut album “Re-offender”. In Spain the band lives and produces in Santi Garcia’s beach house. The 28-year old producer is also deeply rooted in the Spanish Hardcore Scene with his band NO MORE LIES. Santi realizes the band’s imagination with his musical instinct and equipment which he organised for them. “The songs are shaped by the Spanish flair as some ideas were ready not till then and were produced with Santi’s help, for example ‘my alarmclock knows’”, says Christian Steenken, the band’s guitarist.
As a crowning finish of the recordings and the stay in Spain, the band gave a concert together with a local band in Razzmatazz/Spain. They had an acclaimed performance which resulted from the successful produced songs.

In August 2006 a 5-track extract from the album was voted for “demo of the month” in the VISIONS magazine: “(…) “Where the summer starts” is predestined to put boys with shell-rimmed glasses and sweet girls into festival vibes. The rapid song “Turn your back on the radio” was our favourite at the “Wächter-der Nacht”- Trailer-Soundtrack-Contest. (…) It’s been glorious timeless, modern Alternative Rock with an Emo impact. Apart from clichés and with beautiful ideas. Blame it on you if you don’t sing that band! (…)”

The PRINCE magazine wrote in the summer 2006: “(…) there are only a few bands in Germany which understand that much how to serve timeless refrains in a Champions League Format. I am sure that this band will survive the future Plastic Hypes of this world (…)”

Now time has come and PROMISES!PROMISES! will release their debut album via Rodeostar Records on September 28th 2007.
As forerunners we can look forward to a catchy song like “The thrill is gone” which will be their first single extraction.
Even if lost attractions are addressed, the direction, however, is positive: change to hit the road, not being held up to move something – that is what the song is about and it is what PROMISES!PROMISES! is about.

Press comments to “Re-offender”:

PIRANHA writes:
“ … moanful groovy guitars with nostalgic feelings, skilful pain-weeping and soulful singing and those diffuse noisy sound characteristics which is often called “Emo” – everything is there. Qualified well-rehearsed, produced solidly and with good potential, that’s “Re-offender”. “

VISIONS writes:
“… As before PROMISES!PROMISES! have the right touch for song writing with less intrusive but beautiful melodies. Titles change between Emo-Rock à la Jimmy Eat World (“Where the summer starts”) or New End Original (“Everywhere”) and classic rock arrangements (“This summer is suicide”)…”

“… With “Re-offender” PROMISES!PROMISES! repeat what the last time their idols created with “Bleed American”. A stirring album with heart and soul, which gives the hackneyed emo term a new definition with a dozen songs. Euphoric and overwhelming, PROMISES!PROMISES! will soon find new fans, who will remember the summer 2001 by listening to the album. Then, as Jimmy Eat World enriched our lives with a soundtrack. You kept your word… “

SLAM ZINE writes:
„…The last remarkable band in things like Emo which was produced in Germany would surely be THREE MINUTE POETRY. PROMISES!PROMISES! is ready to become the successor. The four guys from Oldenburg place emphasis on proven remedies – this gets alr