Promising Divine / Aaron Smith

Promising Divine / Aaron Smith


Melody driven mood swinging rock n roll


Promising Divine was formed at the turn of the millenium consisting of many different and talented artists.
Presently, Aaron, the founder of Promising Divine, is writing as a solo artist for his act and also writing some tunes for some other young artists looking for songs.
Promising Divine has been seen live as a solo act, a duo, a trio and a 4 piece rock outfit performing both acoustically and electrified!


The ONly Thing I want (is for)

Written By: Aaron Smith

..You to be there for me
on a sunny afternoon
someday I'll be gone
I'll fly you to the moon
baby one day but not too soon
I promise you I do

...You to believe in you
believe in all you do
baby less is more in truth
the memory of you
is all I've left to lose
love is bold said who

Baby im for you
watching all you do
baby im for you
baby im for you


Raymond John Demos - 2002
(Released to Friends and Enemies)

14 Minus 1 Acoustic demos - 2004
(Self-kept demo cd for recruiting band members/showcasing)

Promising Divine Demo EP - 2006/07

'And into Life' 2007 demos