Proof Of Ghosts

Proof Of Ghosts


Proof of Ghosts will take you home down country roads. Proof of Ghosts is pure pop perfection. Proof of Ghosts is going to tear your crying heart from your throat. Proof of Ghosts is going to sing you to sleep and Proof of Ghosts is going to chase the Devil back through the forest and out to sea.


The ground is dry and there is no rain in sight. The city's heat is a blanket, and there is nowhere to go except for the malls and the bars. Fuck the malls. For that matter, fuck the bars. I know a place just down the street where lonely people go to meet; down at Glen Hill park... when the sun goes down and the moon comes up we can stay there all night in the dark...

Do you sing? What is your favorite song? Does it pull sad and sweet on the strings of your soul? In drunken reveries do you take off all your clothes and run across soft grass, rolling with a lover under the stars? Are you alone? We are all, every one of us, here, together and alone. Do you feel the vast aching chasm between each of us? We are not alone, we sing our bridges, we sing light into the dark, our distances seem less dire when we sing together, so don't dispair, love, sing with us and know that we are not alone...



Written By: Steve Shoe

I think I need a hospital to hide in
or at least a nurse to look after my needs
'cause I feel the worlds weight heavy on my shoulders
so stay with me, Genevieve

It looks like we're all in for nasty weather
the funeral pyres burn for all to see
and I can't help but see that you've been crying
but your seceret's safe with me, Genevieve

And if there was a roadmap here to guide us
into the silver lining of our dreams
I think I'd still prefer to find my own way
and the highway just rolls on
so baby, won't you ride with me Genevieve?

Time is a Tyrant

Written By: Steve Shoe

Say a prayer for the white grain
for reaping time has come and gone
shed a tear for this raped land
for all the seasons that have gone
I would be the young man who toils
in the fields of the father, for love and for you
break this fallow land, breathe in the soil
crawl through the clay and lie in the earth

Seventy seasons of toil and labour
under the cruelty of seventy suns
to rest in the ruins of years
years wasted and lost in the sea
time is a tyrant, time is a tyrant
the chains of our hopes, the length of our days
his fortress is endless, we strugle in vain
time is a tyrant, time is a tyrant

Oshawa, ON, pt 1

Written By: Steve Shoe

By the stream I lay down beside her
shadows dance through the tall grassy sea
and the ageless tide rolls on to forever
in the fading sky and the waltz of the flowers and trees

But deeper than shadows in twilights last fading
in shades of deep violet and black
our voices are lost in a silence engraved deep in stone
but don't wait long
'cause I'll be gone

There my heart still goes
a stone marked by a rose


2005 - EP (self released 3 song CDR)
2006 - Davey Jones' Locker (self released 5 song CDR)
2007 - Proof of Ghosts (self released s/t 13 song CDR)
2007 - Vice Magazine sampler (track 8, Genevieve. 20000+ units)

Set List

Our sets are usually 1/2 hour give or take depending on the requirements for the evening.
Set List:

I'm Coming Home
Oshawa Part I
Carry On
Glenhill Park
Saturday Night in the Summertime
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Time is a Tyrant