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propaganda @ Flavorfest

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

propaganda @ urban culture at d galleries

pomona, California, USA

pomona, California, USA

propaganda @ the oaks youth camp

san gabriel mountians, California, USA

san gabriel mountians, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Sweet...., March 1, 2004
By English Dude
Propaganda bursts onto the scene with this at times neo-soul influenced, poetically inclined debut. As part of the 13-or-so deep Tunnel Rats crew, he has to find a way to stand out, and that he does. Songs like "Keep it Live", and "Don't let us lose it" showcase his supreme flow, "Keep on singing" allows him to encourage the listener in hard times, while he tagteams with fellow Tunnel Rat, DOKument on "I Know" to rip the mic with sick battle-esque rhymes. The beats are a lot more melodic and soulful than usual from the TRz camp, but they allow Props the space to shine. Look forward to more stuff from Props and his fellow Tunnel Rats -

So far the Tunnel Rats' VII series hasn't really lived up to all the hype. It was supposed to be a seven track EP released every seven weeks. That was back in 2005, and only Macho and Dokument released their EPs. Album number three didn't even drop until summer 2006, but it's definitely one worth noting. Which EP was that? It's Propaganda's VII series EP titled I Am Not Them. Even with this album being released so late and not getting much attention, this is not an album that should be slept on, especially considering how prolific an emcee Propaganda is.

Getting to the music, it quickly starts off with the track "Like Whoa" featuring the Lightheaded crew. This track is pure energy as Prop and Lightheaded simply bring the heat. There is simply no better way than to start an album this short than with a track like this that immediately draws you in and keeps you "Locked In" for the remainder of the project. As you give the album a listen, you notice quite a few things. The first thing you notice is that Propaganda's love for the gospel and Jesus Christ is spread all throughout this album, even though it takes a close listen to catch some of it. "Son" is one of those songs where he talks about when he first decided to rap and the advice that he was given; it is advice that every Christian emcee needs to take into consideration. The next thing you'll notice is the earth shattering production that is supplied for each and every track. Producers like Donovan Luke Henry, Dert and Hillsyde really show off their abilities on this project, just as much as Propaganda does with his lyrical prowess. The final thing that you'll notice about this album is the multitude of guest emcees that make an appearance. Now, this is a seven song EP, so there is only so much room on the album, but if you look there are more than ten emcees who drop a verse alongside the headliner. For this to be a solo EP, I really would have liked to have heard more from Propaganda, and less from everyone else who made an appearance.

In all, Propaganda put together a very solid effort, and by far the best of the VII series thus far. The lyricism and passion is undeniable, and the production is simply bananas. Even with the downer of having too many guest emcees, this is still a memorable project and one that you need to have in your hands, especially if you're a fan of the Tunnel Rats or just good music in general. In some ways I wish this weren't an EP because it truly left me wanting to hear more. I guess I'll just have to wait around for the next VII series installment; regardless, props go to Propaganda. -


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2003 Underground Rise Vol. 1
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2005 The Poet: Shihan the prototype
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2007 Night owls Vol. 4
2008 Listen Watch, Focus: Propaganda
Audio Sketchbooks Records
2004 Battle for LA (documentary)
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2007 (present) LA Artist (documentary)
Leach Media group
90.3 ktuh Hawaii
105.9 Power Fantastic 4 show, Los Angeles
93.5 Nesgials Douala, Cameroon
90.7 Divine forces radio, Los Angeles
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Opening up for and performing with such groups as De La Soul, The Visionaries, Lightheaded, Ahmad & 4th Avenue Jones, LA Symphony and touring with none other than the Blastmaster KRS ONE, Propaganda is no stranger to live shows. Music lovers all over the country proclaim, after a Propaganda show, "He Sounds like no one else out there. Nobody performs like him! His sound and style is completely his own!" Not to mention being highly respected in the LA underground scene, a familiar face in places like A Mic and Dim lights and the Famous collective called Foundation, he is also one of the main topics of chat rooms on many Hip-Hop related sites. "Props" has gained a national and international following after years of learning and patience, being the youngest member of the Los Angeles based mega crew The Tunnel Rats. He now boasts full-length albums, two feature films, countless cameo appearances and a chance to write and spear heading social, Spiritual and hip hop movements from here to Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa.