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Propaganda Anonymous

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Put Chuck D, Joe Strummer, Mickey Rouke, and Shamanism into a blender and you get a small taste of Propaganda Anonymous. Next eat lots of acid while practicing Vipassanna Meditation thinking of the liberation of humanity and you are one step closer to Prop. But you should see him live to really know


Propaganda Anonymous was conceived in postmodern times. An artist, philosopher, and B-Boy who understood that there was a position to be filled in helping people take that one step beyond, Prop crafted his focus in street corner ciphers from NYC to Hawaii and back again. Influenced from his early days as a b-boy in the legendary Drum n' Bass club Konkrete Jungle NYC. Prop took in the dream of the rave scene of the late 90s. He knew that Shamans from old were communicating through these infectious beats. Prop knew that we were all evolving beings and that musicians can play a role in this evolution. When that scene fell like the Twin Towers, Prop found himself getting deeper and deeper into dirty drunken punk rocking metal nights of NYC, and the dirty dusty crates of the underground Hip-Hop scene. Groups like Non Phixion, Company Flow, and Blackstar sparked many a cipher session and DJ scratch session.
At a certain point, Prop realized he needed to step back from the excessive self-destruction and general mayhem, and begin the journey of answering the higher call.
This answer took him around the world. First to Hawaii, where he found a golden age of Hip-Hop happening in the grass roots scene of that beautiful place. He recorded with many of the artists out there.
He then went on to Thailand, and later South America. In both places enveloping himself in the mystical path. Meditating in Monasteries in Thailand and then hanging out with Ayahuasca Shaman deep in the rainforrest of South America.
Prop then took all this knowledge, wisdom, and understanding back home with him to NYC and built with great artists and amazing minds since he returned.
Since his time back in NYC, Prop has toured with his music nation wide, as well as throughout Europe.
Long story short, Prop has been involved in the cutting edge since he first learned where it was.
His live shows reflect this constantly.
He is a respected MC in the NYC underground scene. Bringing nothing but pure fire whenever he grabs the mic.
As an artist, Prop is always evolving, so it is important to catch him as much as possible, because he is always developing new sounds and stage shows.


Prop has appeared on MINDSpray's 1st EP.
MINDSPRAY's 1st Full-Length album "Broadcast"
Prop has released a solo EP entitled, "Todo Corazon"
And is releasing his 2nd EP "Squat the Condos" in Jan. 2010.
His single "Consciousness is the Key" will be featured in the movie "2012: Time for a Change"
And his music has been played on Sirius Radio as well as many college stations across the US, as well as Radio shows in France and the Czech Republic

Set List

Propaganda's set lists vary from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.
His list is comprised of all originals.
These are all his songs