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Phillys New Comer Bring That Fire.


Jermaine Brown aka Propane was born and raised in the West Oak lane section of Philadelphia, PA. His hip-hop and rap adventures began in school stair cases and street corners. While garnering his hip-hop monikers he deemed his name from the below freezing, deadly gas of the C3H8. Propane was birthed on the soulful music of the and eighties and nineties. However, Propane was first bathed in hip-hop holy water from the vicious flows of Rakim, and the extraordinary energy of Onyx. Propane became armed with the mastery of the rhyming patters, a keen command of vocal inflections, and multitude of flows because of his fluent and agile abilities combined with boundless energy and strong desires to achieve. Propane is fueled to be the best. As evidence of the aforementioned passion to win, Propane boasts an underground record of 90 wins, without a single loss. With his subject matter being limitless and intensity that never subsides, Propane is primed to let the world hear what many already know, that he is "the next big thing." Propane accumulated a wide variety of fans throughout the Tri-state area. He appeared on Philly’s own Power 99 FM as a special guest with Jah T “The Regge Ambassador” on the Hot Boys Show (Hometown Jams) as a special guest, and Freestyle Fridays with Cosmic Kev. Propane performed at many of Philly’s hottest open mics, night clubs and major venues: Industry Tuesdays at Club Flow, Talent Extravaganza at Club 121, Summber Jamboree, Darby Youth Day, The New York Café, The Larry Holmes Family Cookout, Emerald City Night Club and Big Apollo Night just to name a few. Propane partnered with C3 Entertainment’s Management, The Chief, and their “silent partner” as they plan to flood the streets with hip-hop music that represents the essence of the culture. C3 presents...Propane, coming to city near you!

Set List

15-60minute set