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Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
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Currently building a buzz with a series of popular covers and working on a project slated for Fall 2012 release.



In high school, everyone I knew wanted to rap. Even though I never thought I would be any good, I needed something to focus on when my dreams of being an NBA super star came to a screeching halt at 5 feet 9 inches. I lived in a bizarre small-town local rap scene for the first several years of what we can accurately describe as my Rap Life, surrounded by fraternities and Pac 10 football games. I even almost married a chick. Talk about dodging a missile.

I can't count how many shows I've done in weird bars with small crowds of undesirables awkwardly bobbing their heads. I got a huge look once while I was back at Oregon State, opening up for Nappy Roots in front of 1500 people on the front lawn of a frat. A few shot speakers and cheap mics later I was getting boo'd off stage. I mean the first 10 rows of people were having a great time, I swear. It was the thousand or so behind them that we're experience the technical difficulties. I actually ended up being hit by a water bottle before our set was over. I wasn't mad, I saw it coming and it was a great throw from like 30 yards back.

Anyway, I couldn't ever really figure out how realistic or delusional my musical aspirations were at the time, and I'll probably never know. In the Spring of 2011, I got a call from a close friend who encouraged me to pack up everything I own, hop in my truck and move to Portland, or as he put it the "real world." Portland isn't the best place in the world to pursue music, but the real world is a pretty good start. Right now it's all about progress. First things first, we built a studio at the crib. That's the best thing that's happened to my music since we bought that $50 condenser mic in 10th grade. We're constructing this whole thing around my personality and my passion, so as long as we're progressing I don't think it can go wrong. Our first run at a web series was a lot of fun but was overshadowed by the NFL season, seeing as it was dubbed the "Sunday Wrap-up". I'm a big Seahawks fan. Really big.

If I can ever decide whether I like rapping or singing about my problems with women more, maybe I'll have a true "sound". In the meantime, I'll just be doing what I absolutely love and plugging away at it every damn day.

P.S. My 2 favorite professional athletes follow me on Twitter so everyday is a good day.

-Lv out