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The Arrival [February 20th 2008] (21 Tracks)
Back The The Future [May 16th 2008] (19 Tracks)
Light Lab [June 16th 2008] (8 Tracks)
The SuperDuperMixtape [December 4th 2008] (30 Tracks)

Songs have been mainly getting online play.

Each tape received about 500 downloads, but the SuperDuperMixtape passed the 1000 mark after 3 days, it is currently up to 1300 downloads.



The Rebel

“There is more to life than just nice cars, beautiful women, and money, there is life to life and when an artist with such freedom understands that, they become genius.”

A rebel at heart, young upcoming emcee propaYne (Born Stephen Lewis Allen III) strives to push a new agenda in the hip hop industry. Pro believes that Hip-Hop has been known for one thing too long, and that the industry is getting blamed for deaths and events that do not even relate to such entertainment.

Many say that he is the next Lupe Fiasco, or the next Kanye West, but there are a few who say in a few years, other artist will be noticed as the next propaYne.

Born in 1993, Pro grew up listening to ATCQ, Eminem, Mos Def, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, etc. With such diversity in the music he listened to, he went through many different genres of Hip-Hop/Rap music to finally get to the point of lyrical comfort.

“I used to be a gangster, hardcore killer rapper, NOT an emcee, but a rapper. I didn’t start emcee-ing until about 2007 and I’ve been spitting since I was 7 years old.”

As Pro rises to his potential, the game becomes corrupted and diseased with dark minds that pursue to destroy Hip-Hop for the greed of wealth. Some called it the “Death of Hip-Hop” but Pro realizes that Hip-Hop never died, she just has illegitimate children. All he can do is watch, as his music career narrows down and doors are being closed. All he can do is wait until someone hears and understands his true talent.

What would you call an artist like Pro? Merely a Rebel. The opposing army to the hype and mass populated regions of music. Along with his partners and best friends Carmega and Mainstream, music is about to open the minds of millions of people.

“I don’t like being looked at as just a Hip-Hop artist or just an emcee. I’m an entertainer, a musician. I don’t just do music, I study music, I live, speak, and breathe music.”

With his otaku (Nerd) mindset and his street swagger, maybe Hip-Hop can redeem itself after all. Might not be the next rising star, but say hello to a new galaxy of creation….Earth’s own propaYne.