Property Of Dave

Property Of Dave

 Scarborough, England, GBR

Rooted in indie but touching on metal.
Soaring synth sounds, heavy guitars, pounding bass, frenetic drums, samples, sequencing and gritty indie vocals with melodic outbursts.

"Totally connected to your youth, without being pretentious, which is very hard to do." - Toby Jepson of Little Angels.


Property Of Dave consists of:

Alex Soper - Singer, Synth Player.
Ash Maycock - Guitarist, Sampler.
Tom Cutforth - Bass Player, Backing Vocals.
Digitech Jamman Looper - Backing Tracked Drums, Sequencing, Samples.

P.O.D started off life as a three piece bashing out arctic monkeys covers at lunch times in year 10 of secondary school.

Two years, and a few line up changes, later: We immediately started writing music and getting regular gigs. In the beginning we were writing indie rock which was very remeniscent of The Arctic Monkeys // Revenue // Milburn.

After a year we all started encorporating subtle influences from our favourite genres individually, which took our sound in a heavier and more electronic direction.
To this day we are fusing heavy guitar tones with indie style vocals and electronic mayhem to create an epic new sound that we feel is incredibly diverse.


We released an EP in the summer of 2009 entitled 'Vacant Stares' which is available on our myspace. It consists of 4 songs:

Duh Duh Duh
Crash Splash (car crash)

We recorded this over a full week in a professional recording studio which we payed for out of our own money. We never sold this EP commercially, instead we opted to give the EP away for free to anyone and everyone, at gigs, in clubs, at college, because we value getting our name and our music promoted over money.

We have had a live session with BBC Radio York which comprised of an interview with the four of us and also us recording 3 of our own songs and a cover, live in a secret location in York. This was about 30 minutes of airtime in total and was on the BBC iPlayer on the internet for a week afterwards.

Also we sent our song 'Slug' to radio York and it has had regular airtime recently.

Currently we are writing and recording our forthcoming mimi album. Myself and our singer are recording, producing and manufacturing the mini album ourselves, using the recording studio at our college.

The track listing is as follows:

01 Intro
02 Duh Duh Duh (working title)
03 D'n'B (working title)
04 Leave It Out
05 The Entity
06 Dance Like Jacob
07 Interlude
08 Floral Tributes
09 Untitled

Once it is completed we plan to promote, market, and make general sales ourselves. We also plan to support this mini album with merchandise, artwork themed web pages and a full UK tour.

Set List

Our usual setlist for a 40 minute set would consist of:

Duh Duh Duh
Dance Like Jacob
DNB (Working Title)
Major Bringdown
Crash Splash (car crash)
Leave It Out
Floral Tributes