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Proph e' cee's music is a ministry that is meant to counteract the distructive forces in the lives of today's youth. His strong lyrics and passionet vocals are what set his music apart from the rest. Positive lyrics, good melody and the touch of God are a major part of Proph e' cee.


Corey Lamont Littlejohn, also known as "Proph e' cee" began rapping in 1991. Through his love for Hip Hop he dedicated himself to mastering the artistic flow. God intervined in 1999 and Corey gave his life to Christ. Through the divine word of God Corey began rapping for Christ.

God has been active in Coreys life creating in him a ministry that touches the hearts of the young and the old. Take a few moments to listen to the lyrics and feel the passion that is in the music and let Gods love touch you as it has Corey.