Prophecy Collective is a fully Live Electronic Band...and we're not just talking about two guys twisting knobs. Prophecy includes an angelic female singer and an entire host of other musicians & instruments with a live show that defies the imagination. Prophecy's shows are truly unforgettable.


Prophecy Collective is a band that calls for more than a brief description. They perform fully live music that transcends any one genre. The Collective joins incredible textures of electronic sounds with angelic vocals, intense live percussion, guitars, creative turntableism, and a ceaseless list of guest performers (ex: Sara Lee Lucas of Marilyn Manson, to name only one). This already thrilling experience is further complimented by a stunning stage show that rivals most any rock band (like what KISS did to Rock, Prophecy does to Electronica).
Prophecy Collective’s mesmerizing performance is a product of the synergy created by its diverse band members. The presence of Prophecy’s three awe-inspiring women, ALONE, would be more than enough to please ANY crowd. This beautiful female threesome consists of the Lead Singer (with her angelic Vocals, heavenly body & presence), the talented Guitarist/Second Vocalist, and the Rockin’ Keyboardist/Digital Sampler who also does Third Vocals! But Prophecy’s ladies are joined on stage by some other EXTREMELY talented musicians as well.
The newest member of the band is TURBO B. (Of the world-famous band, SNAP - Germany). Turbo joined Prophecy to recreate his hit single “(I Got) The Power” - but is also well known for “Rhythm is a Dancer.” His massive presence has been an amazing addition to Prophecy - not only does he thrill the audiences with his distinctive Rap Stylings & energy, he also surprises us with his unique live percussion. Slamming beats are also provided by the band’s other wildly intense drummer who utilizes not only a Full Electronic Drum Kit, but the Congas as well.
Then there is the Turntable Master, Matt Wisdom, who uses his turntables like no other! They are truly instruments that produce beautiful, melodic sounds as well as his signature style of scratching & cutting, sending crowds into frenzies.
And this is all brought together by Mauricio Arroyave, Prophecy Collective’s Mastermind. Mauricio is not only the band’s producer and creator, he is an Omni-Instrumental Genius. He dominates all instruments including his own creation, a hand-held machine like none ever seen. His performance fascinates all…whether he is playing the keyboards more than 20 feet in the air (on a lift), wearing his Elaborate Light Suit, or executing his legendary Pyrotechnics. His Pyrotechnics could be a show of their own - from his fire-spitting Rave-O-Lution to his hands of flames and his keyboards set ablaze (with a Pyrotechnition and Safety Team on hand at all times).
The overwhelming show is further enhanced by brand new technology Prophecy has created to produce SPECIAL EFFECTS that have never before been seen. With its music, vivid costumes, and the elaborate special effects, they draw their audiences into a TOTAL FANTASY. Prophecy Collective creates a MIND-BLOWING EXPERIENCE that is truly un-paralleled, and completely

Prophecy Collective has had various Underground Hits, including a National Radio Hit that charted as high as #3 on many stations. They have also headlined, shared the stage with, and/or opened for such famous acts as: Peryy Ferrel (Jane's Addiction), Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne, Run DMC, Sasha and Digweed, BT, George Clinton & P-Funk, KRS-One, Rabbit in the Moon, Hybrid, Paul Oakenfold, Blues Traveler, DJ Icey, Snoop Dogg, Daniel Bettingfield, Stained, AND MANY MORE!!


EPs: Visions From Childhood
A Darker Side of Heaven
LPs: "Somebody to Love"
"Sonic Psyche"
Several different Prophecy Collective songs have been featured on other artist's album and compliations - such as:
Noel Sanger (Nettwerk) - Summerbreeze II
"Promo Only" - several different songs in several different editions, months, etc.
And many other compilations.

Prophecy Collective has had tracks streaming and radio airplay. With songs reaching as high as #3 on RADIO CHARTS!!!

Set List

A typical set for Prophecy Collective is aprox. 45 minutes.
Prophecy Collective has remade Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love"
and recently collaborated with Turbo B. of Snap! and Sara Lee Lucas of Marilyn Manson to create a new version of the dance classic, "(I've Got) The Power"