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The best kept secret in music


"Prophecy Collective - A Darker Side of Heaven"

Their early 2001 debute release Visions of Childhood, was but a teaser for this album. Taking some of their early songs and reworking them, this amazing CD has a set of some of the most passionate songs Prophecy has yet composed, weaving a great tapestry of music around you. With beats that rapidly reach out and hook themselves into you, this CD is impossible to turn off. Each song has so many elements that you find something new every time you listen to it. The ethereal female vocals vibrate through your head, pulling the music to a spiritual level, while the intricate keyboard rhythms soar through the sky.

With so much packed into the songs, it so easy to get swept away. Each track is a technical masterpiece of skill and balance. There is a harmony to all the instruments. And with a short, live unplugged set at the end, there’s no reason not to pick this CD up, as it is simply amazing.
- Jive Magazine

"The Prophecy Has Come"

Prophecy Q & A

JIVE Magazine talked with the crew of Prophecy after their amazing set at Goddess 2 at the Atrium. Find out their plans for marketing in the future, as well as their fascination with fire.

JIVE: When is a CD coming out?
Mauricio: The CD is actually out now, it's called Visions From Childhood and it was originally distributed by Ample but is now out with Future. They will be re-releasing it in about 2 months. There are still some of the original CD's out there, mostly in chain CD stores. They're kind of the last batch of the first edition going out and on the 1st of May, or around the 1st of May, there's a new edition of the 1st CD coming out with three extra new songs.

JIVE: Where have you been taking your act recently?

Mauricio: We've been playing everywhere, we've played out West, Denver, places like that. Mostly our biggest crowd is the South Eastern United States, Florida to North Carolina, that whole area, but it's growing exponentially, we're on the radio in NY right now.

JIVE: How did you guys get together?

Mauricio: Oh wow! (laughs) This is a really long story! Initially, I started the band with another singer and another drummer, but very early on I chose that I wanted to find another singer and I found Shannon who had been in K5 and Gamma and The Groove. I found her singing over a DJ in a small bar, and I asked her to come in and try out. My singer quit the first day that we were trying out and so I asked Shannon if she could do a show in four days, and in four days we did a show together! The show was magic, Shannon was ad-libbing to stuff she'd barely ever heard before and it was meant to be and it was incredible, and history ever since. And the newest edition to the group is Christian Michael who used to work with Shannon with K5 and Gamma and The Groove, he's got a new record out on Funk Wax.

Christian Michaels: Yeah, shake it up!

JIVE: Shannon... #1 question by young males... they want posters!!!

(Oohs and ahhs from the entire group)

JIVE: Is that something you might be interested in?

Shannon: Oh! Hell yes! I'm all for that shit! I think that will be a huge possibility.

Mauricio: Very soon... thanks for the idea, that's out new marketing plan!

JIVE: From a production standpoint, where are you trying to take your production and where is the evolution of your music going?

Mauricio: That is a really good question, it is so hard to tell.

Shannon: We try not to plan things out, I think one of the coolest things about the Prophecy collective is that we definitely, well I have to say now, with Christian, he's going to be something you're always going to see, you're always going to see us three. We'll always going to be bringing in guitar people and bassists and we're all about expanding and we want to be a full band and we're all about making new sounds and trying every different genre of music.

Mauricio: We love every everything... rock, electronic industrial, breaks drum n' bass, house, everything!

Shannon: We definitely want to keep on, keep trying each new thing. We don't ever sit down and say "we want to make this next song sound like this", it just comes out cool, you know?

Mauricio: Music is the purest expression of emotion, and it just comes out the way we feel it.

JIVE: The pyro stuff, where'd that come from? That's new.

Mauricio: We like to play with fire!! Fire and I have a love-hate relationship.

Shannon: It looks really good, but it feels really scary. We seem to pull it off!

Mauricio: We've had a few accidents, fire extinguishers are always on back up! Didn't used to be, but they are now! I've caught on fire, I caught a club on fire once, and our tour bus caught on fire once!

Shannon: The tour bus caught on fire before we ever got on it, burned to the ground, and we said nevermind on the tour bus. Before we even got to go on the tour!

JIVE: Where do your influences come from?

Mauricio: I think that's one thing that makes it really cool, we all had totally different influences. I started out listening to anywhere from Pink Floyd to industrial stuff like Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails.

Christian Michaels: I dabbled in that for a little while and then the progressive vibe and I was in another band called 2 Doors Down ages ago, before 3 Doors Down (laughs), and Hip-hop a little, I like hip-hop I guess, it's been in my family for awhile.

Shannon: I have to say that I grew up in a very strict religious house, I started out by listening to Amy Grant, and I've been to every show she's ever played here and I still will go because she is the person that first put it in me, she made me know that this is what I want to do. I still love her, she has a very characteristic voice, and I have to say that even though my beliefs have changed so much from then, that's still where I get my spiritual base.

by Jewels

- Jive Magazine



with Flourescent Pea Pod

Barbarella, Orlando 2.7.98

by Richard T. Thurston

The one thing that sets Barbarella apart from other venues is the layout. It's a multi-level bar equipped with multiple sound systems and a patio area where the bands perform. On this particular evening, amongst a healthy crowd, I slugged back expensive but nonetheless tasty brews. They're a full liquor bar, but I ordered beer so that I wouldn't have to kiss the bartender's ass. Inside, the atmosphere is warming up. Early on the DJ mixes old wave and industrial from the Reagan era. Later the dancefloor gets more serious while Pet Shop Boys remixes compete for rotation with cheesy handbag anthems. It makes me miss the fun of old days before the mayor got pressured by Mickey. Instead we are fed a diet of prime time commercial-grade schlock. Like I always say, "you can't like everything."

Outside the mixed crowd mingles as Prophecy wrangle their gear up onstage. Consisting of programmer Marizio Arroyave, percussionist K Wyland and vocalist Shannon Smith, Prophecy are one of the few local electronic acts currently playing gigs. Forget what you think about live bands. It doesn't apply here. There's no image to live up to. What's important is the quality of the music as it was meant to be heard. Loud.

Arroyave composes the songs. He either samples the noises or generates the sounds with his own equipment, often times both. Wyland supplemented the rhythm with his human beats, while Arroyave got busy with sequences -- his duty is to muti-track an accompaniment. Computer generated rhythm and melody lines intertwined as Smith laid down a vocal over the top. It's hard to believe that she's only been with them for only a couple of weeks; hearing her it sounds so warm and natural. Whoever said that techno is music for MDMA-drenched ate-ups hasn't been exposed to such heartfelt sounds. After just four songs, the crowd appeared awestruck.

It's a soundtrack suitable for techno's collective conscious or uninitiated traditionalists. The bottom line is that it is aesthetically pleasing. What's more amazing than risky is that Arroyave insists on performing live in real time, rather than pre-recording and dropping samples over the digital audiotape as most electronic acts do. He'd rather make a mistake and let the audience know that this is on the fly, as opposed to pantomiming his way through the set. Audience reaction is what any performer thrives on, and in the realm of tech, it's what sets a splendid performance apart from the herd.

This evening was a moment in the sun for Prophecy. With Smith's strong vocal presence, the band comes off smelling like roses. Even K Wyland, who was sick as a dog, didn't skip a beat. Many heads were noddin', having succumbed to the entrancing beats worked by Arroyave and Co. Especially captivating was the closing number, entitled "Heaven," where vocalist Smith had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. It's obvious that she's done this before. I strongly suggest picking up her single entitled "Symphony of Angels," by Gamma and the Groove; a side project of KJ's from K5. To their credit, Prophecy proves that underground is where it's at. In this age of Orlando's underground crisis, Prophecy are on the verge of a crucial stage of development, both to Orlando's history and their own. While their humble origin has primed them to graciously accept the reins, I can only expect to see this outfit further develop into a devout group of movers and scene shakers. Godspeed.

The Flourescent Pea Pod are an animated trio of thirty-somethings. Their set whisked me back to the '80s as they went through the motions acting out their set in a "panned" or rehearsed manner. Not aware of the plot, it's no wonder that I couldn't believe my ears as I watched the band intently. After their set, I complimented their drummer, Bill, on his band's expert musicianship. It wasn't until I shook his hand and walked off with CD in hand that I noticed the DAT machine with their gear. I felt like a complete idiot. Not a nice joke at all. - Ink Nineteen

"Orlando Music Awards 2002"

Certainly, Prophecy would prefer to be aligned with the tres-hip electro scene than with something as horribly retro as '80s new wave. But, truth be told, between their glam-goth get-ups and their over-the-top live performances, you can't help but be reminded of the heyday of aggressive, danceable pop, brought to the stage by musicians who -- though certainly talented -- also put a lot of thought into their stage presence.

And, whether it's the boucing-behind-the-instruments musicians or the truly bizarre affectations ("Angel wings? Sure, I'll wear ‘em!") of vocalist Shannon Denise, Prophecy certainly haven't forgotten that a big part of a live show is, well, a show. And they deliver it. Not content to simply ape their studio performances (or, worse still, just sample ‘em), Prophecy is a living, breathing live act.

Which is to emphasize the fact that all the musicians here are exactly that, musicians. Although dense sequencing is a substantial portion of their music, producer Mauricio Arroyave doesn't just twiddle knobs onstage, preferring to beef up the group's sound with keyboards. Combined with turntable work (Blazin' Kane) and drumming (Jody), singer Denise has quite a substantial base upon which to mount her performance.

—Jason Ferguson
- Orlando Weekly


EPs: Visions From Childhood
A Darker Side of Heaven
LPs: "Somebody to Love"
"Sonic Psyche"
Several different Prophecy Collective songs have been featured on other artist's album and compliations - such as:
Noel Sanger (Nettwerk) - Summerbreeze II
"Promo Only" - several different songs in several different editions, months, etc.
And many other compilations.

Prophecy Collective has had tracks streaming and radio airplay. With songs reaching as high as #3 on RADIO CHARTS!!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Prophecy Collective is a band that calls for more than a brief description. They perform fully live music that transcends any one genre. The Collective joins incredible textures of electronic sounds with angelic vocals, intense live percussion, guitars, creative turntableism, and a ceaseless list of guest performers (ex: Sara Lee Lucas of Marilyn Manson, to name only one). This already thrilling experience is further complimented by a stunning stage show that rivals most any rock band (like what KISS did to Rock, Prophecy does to Electronica).
Prophecy Collective’s mesmerizing performance is a product of the synergy created by its diverse band members. The presence of Prophecy’s three awe-inspiring women, ALONE, would be more than enough to please ANY crowd. This beautiful female threesome consists of the Lead Singer (with her angelic Vocals, heavenly body & presence), the talented Guitarist/Second Vocalist, and the Rockin’ Keyboardist/Digital Sampler who also does Third Vocals! But Prophecy’s ladies are joined on stage by some other EXTREMELY talented musicians as well.
The newest member of the band is TURBO B. (Of the world-famous band, SNAP - Germany). Turbo joined Prophecy to recreate his hit single “(I Got) The Power” - but is also well known for “Rhythm is a Dancer.” His massive presence has been an amazing addition to Prophecy - not only does he thrill the audiences with his distinctive Rap Stylings & energy, he also surprises us with his unique live percussion. Slamming beats are also provided by the band’s other wildly intense drummer who utilizes not only a Full Electronic Drum Kit, but the Congas as well.
Then there is the Turntable Master, Matt Wisdom, who uses his turntables like no other! They are truly instruments that produce beautiful, melodic sounds as well as his signature style of scratching & cutting, sending crowds into frenzies.
And this is all brought together by Mauricio Arroyave, Prophecy Collective’s Mastermind. Mauricio is not only the band’s producer and creator, he is an Omni-Instrumental Genius. He dominates all instruments including his own creation, a hand-held machine like none ever seen. His performance fascinates all…whether he is playing the keyboards more than 20 feet in the air (on a lift), wearing his Elaborate Light Suit, or executing his legendary Pyrotechnics. His Pyrotechnics could be a show of their own - from his fire-spitting Rave-O-Lution to his hands of flames and his keyboards set ablaze (with a Pyrotechnition and Safety Team on hand at all times).
The overwhelming show is further enhanced by brand new technology Prophecy has created to produce SPECIAL EFFECTS that have never before been seen. With its music, vivid costumes, and the elaborate special effects, they draw their audiences into a TOTAL FANTASY. Prophecy Collective creates a MIND-BLOWING EXPERIENCE that is truly un-paralleled, and completely

Prophecy Collective has had various Underground Hits, including a National Radio Hit that charted as high as #3 on many stations. They have also headlined, shared the stage with, and/or opened for such famous acts as: Peryy Ferrel (Jane's Addiction), Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne, Run DMC, Sasha and Digweed, BT, George Clinton & P-Funk, KRS-One, Rabbit in the Moon, Hybrid, Paul Oakenfold, Blues Traveler, DJ Icey, Snoop Dogg, Daniel Bettingfield, Stained, AND MANY MORE!!