Born Rohan Brown, he is called Prophecy and his insight outweighs his years by far. His wisdom suggests an old soul encapsulated in a young man’s body. He is a force to be reckoned with in a time where young men his age lavish in “bling”; Prophecy sings to awaken and to provoke change.
In a world that is steeped in negativity and an industry that saturates itself in mediocrity, conformity and lack of substance, Prophecy evokes emotion by the sheer sound of his voice. His talent is undeniable and his confidence demands attention.
“I want to make music that can elevate the mind of the common man and make things a little better through greater understanding of each other and our roles in this life. "
Since his inauguration into the music fraternity in 1996 when he entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s National Song Contest, Prophecy has worked diligently to hone his craft as a singer, songwriter.
He has devoted himself to being a voice for the voiceless with social anthems like Chance, Dem Wrong, Don’t Come Tell Me, Clearly, and Sacrifice. Within a decade, he would emerge victorious in another contest resulting in an opportunity to perform on Reggae Sumfest where the Jamaica Observer reported, “Prophecy wowed the unsuspecting Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest crowd.”
The first of its kind, the Red Stripe Big Break Competition created and managed by IRIE FM, was designed for “people who live the music and who know what it takes to be competitive in an international market”, said Carlo Redwood (Marketing Manager). The contestants performed the song they submitted to the competition across Jamaica in each of the country’s 14 parishes. Prophecy’s laid-back performing style along with his mellow and hauntingly melodic voice, catapulted him to triumph over 800 entrants with his single Don’t Come Tell Me.
Co-written with Marlon “Sojourner” DeCordova and produced by Delroy “Worm” Nevin, Don’t Come Tell Me’s reflections of a world with “too little love” and “too many wars” steadily gained support from Jamaicans across the nation as they logged in after every performance to cast their votes. Splash Magazine said, “Without a doubt, Prophecy is one of the most dynamic new entertainers to grace Jamaican stages in recent times”. After his victory, a video was filmed as the single began charting on radio and in local papers solidifying his arrival on the scene.
Prophecy’s beginnings however, are far greater than most aspiring artists can hope for. Upon his arrival to Kingston from his rural birth place of St. Thomas, some of his earliest recordings were for the late Sir Coxone Dodd and his Studio One label. Undoubtedly monumental, we fast forward to the present in order to see the future.

Prophecy is signed to the Jah Birth Music label where he continues to work closely with the label’s founder and president, Delroy “Worm” Nevin. As Prophecy’s manager, Nevin has helped to shape and nurture this raw talent since their peculiar introduction in 2001 when Prophecy auditioned for him for hours while Nevin watched a football match.
The rest is history, with Prophecy having already performed in Africa, Canada, and the Caribbean. From Montreal to Soweto, Prophecy has performed on stages most aspiring artists only dream of. He’s performed with Culture and the late Joseph Hill, Morgan Heritage, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Luciano, and Fantan Mojah to name a few. He has also performed at the US Embassy in Jamaica.
According to Jamaica’s X-News, “Whenever he sings, Prophecy has the singular ability to evoke major emotions and to magically open up a direct channel of memory to an era of good feeling that represents a Jamaica most people long to gain.”
Prophecy says, “Music was a tool of worship in my home, and I want to use my God-given talent to teach, heal and make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.”
His currently untitled debut album is due sometime in 2008 on the Jah Birth Music label in conjunction with Canada’s Explorer Recording Company.
If one were to make a prediction, or rather a prophecy, it would be that the man who goes by the name, Prophecy is destined for stardom.