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The best kept secret in music


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LP- Now Playin

1. Intro
2. All Of My Life
3. Pants Off
4. AO
5. Roll With Me
6. Back Of The Bus
7. Public Announcement
8. Life On The Line
9. Shock The World
10. I'm Back
11. Interlude
12. Dream On
13. In My Mind
14. Brand New Sound
15. Fallen feat. Lita Hinson
16. Favorite Girl
17. My Life
18. Outro
19. BONUS - Snakes, Sicc Sentences
20. BONUS - All Grown, Ta williams


Feeling a bit camera shy


This bio could start off with an overly dramatized description of how Prophesy grew up in a single-parent household without a lot of money blah blah blah; that would be a typical rapper's bio which for the most part is exaggerated to enhance the image. This, however, is not a typical rapper's bio.

The year is 1998 and there's this sophmore kid always rhyming in between classes in high school. There are several others but he's the one who always attracts the crowds. What's tight is that he'll rip another mc and turn right around and spit something to a lady like he was an R&B singer or something! Yeah he's definately a crowd pleaser. Everyone watches his progress as a solo act but he eventually joins a group called "The Kast." His time with the group is short-lived because he can't change the rap game the way it needs to be changed while making the compromises that are sometimes required when you're in a group. Soon after, he hooks up with a local producer and that's when things start to happen. That producer (Slo Burn) is after the same thing that Prophesy is after...establishing a new sound to expand what's already become known as the West Coast sound. If any artist-producer team exists that can achieve such a goal, none is more capable that this pair.

The year is 2001 and Prophesy is still pursuing his place among rap's elite. He and Slo Burn are in college in different parts of the country but still manage to return to their hometown of Sacramento, CA to record new music during semester breaks. With no studio to really call their own, San Francisco's Big Nest Records became a recording home, and regular trips to the Bay Area were standard practice. Twelve hour sessions were the norm as there was little time to record a lot of music before they would return to school.

The year is 2004, and in Slo Burn's new private recording studio they've been recording tracks for the past year without any kind of pressure from being in someone else's studio. The result is an eighteen song journey through the mind of a true mc and it is time to unleash Prophesy's highly anticipated debut album "Now Playin." Understanding that the need to show the ability to sell records is a prerequisite to getting a good major label deal, the record is released on Slo Burn's Baiss Entertainment imprint. Though radio is slow to catch on the album is an instant hit in the Northern California hip hop community. With the 16 Prophesy songs that made the final cut, (there are 2 bonus tracks by Prophesy's label mates Sicc Sentences and Ta Williams), some who have heard the album are going as far as calling him, "the illest cat to ever come out of Sacramento." The project is a good reflection of what Prophesy is all about; showcasing skills and not gimmicks and doing whatever sounds good to him with the hope that hip-hop fans will appreciate it. From the acoustic soul sound of "Back of the Bus" to the alternative rock feel of "Shock the World" it's obvious that he's not afraid to push the limits of what West Coast hip-hop is known for. But at the end of the day he is hip hop; a flawless flow that gets the point across over hot tracks. With top-notch production by Slo Burn, features by various talented artists, and bonus tracks from other highly anticipated Baiss Entertainment Group artists Sicc Sentences and Ta Williams, Prophesy is definitely off to a solid start in his quest to expand the West Coast sound.