Prophet of the Dawn

Prophet of the Dawn


Captivating bass lines, baritone vocals, Beatlesque, Santanish, space trippy, bluesy guitar, english/spanish lyrics, vocal melodies invoke deep moods.


In 2003, Prophet of the Dawn started as a way for me to gain experience in recording. Using 'old school' methods of recording, I love analog, on the first recordings, I created a musical concoction that eventually turned out to be better than I had anticipated.

At the time, I was living in Dallas, TX and after about a year I had 8 songs that I started promoting on local radio and playing at local festivals. Having a reputation as a metalhead from my previous bands, old friends and fans were delighted to see my other infulences come out in this project.

Prophet of the Dawn became something that I am very proud of and even though I still refer to it as a 'project', I feel that it has graduated to something more than a simple recording session.

Currently, I am living in Minnesota and have had only 2 shows in the Twin Cities. I am looking to promote my music as I continue to write new songs.


Winded by the life...

Written By: Prophet of the Dawn

Pardon me, would you like to pretend in my new play segment of the end
This which makes you content, makes me feel rather dead, (I'm)winded by the life he led, find your heart the martyr said, and sail on a star into paradise
Still words forcing you to pay a sad face on a plate, live in mockery today, confused by the moment's sway, infant hero of the day

Hey son, hey son come again
Hey son, hey son once again


Written By: Prophet of the Dawn

I'm the rider of the setting dawn, wind upon my back, daylight turns to black, in the morning death will come

Like the delta flows into the sea, there's no turning back when the horizon fades to black, red's the cure, I am your key

Are you so alone, there's only that walks the day, prophet of the dawn

Pall bearer of the walking dead, descending on your fate, silver pays the tariff on your way, stained with you life blood red

I'm the rider of the rising sun, bad tongue promises, vampyres exist, Vatican resists, in the morning...death will come

Are you so alone, prophet of the dawn?
There's only one that walks the day

Walk On Water

Written By: Prophet of the Dawn

Suddenly in memory, portrait of my insecurities, no one left to lay the blame to
Soon in there you will belong, the night is gone, a new light has been shun, staring at the one to change you

Line'm up, she said to me, shower me with uncertainty, it's what you are inside that makes you
Let it out, you won't be wrong, locked away in a morning song, come along, I'd like help you

Able to walk on water, able to save me from the gun
Able to walk on water, able to stare into the sun

Now my life is yours to keep.


Self produced CD

Set List

Momentos Eternos, Templo, Not Yet, Daywalker, La Luna, Asking Destiny
My set usually last between 30 - 45 min.
I rarely do covers but I do enjoy playing them.