Prophet Project

Prophet Project


Its a hard core Christian album, with a radical edge. Biblically accurate lyrics, thats carried on a harddriving funk/rock platform.


William was born is St. Louis, MO to a musical family. He had his musical debut at the age of 3 when he played in his first piano recital. William was influenced by a ragtime playing grandfather, a concert pianist mother, and 3 uncles who play jazz in one of the hottest trios in St. Louis. William chose R&B, Funk, and Rock as his musical focus and spent 15 years on the road with a touring band called HORIZZON. He found himself throughout the country in places like Nashville, Atlanta, West Virginia, Texas, and Arkansas before getting into the International hotel circuit. This took him to Nigeria where the band played on the national TV station with reggae legend Fela. Returning home, William married and raised 2 children. He went back to college and worked part-time at his father's church as a custodian and organist. "This is when the songs came," William remembers. He would sit at the keyboard and write the entire arrangement, words and all the instruments. "That's when I knew God was working in me," says William, "This project is the result. Please listen to the message and be blessed."


Peaceful (Single)

Set List

Prophet Project is not a performing group (yet), but we are a production based group.